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February 18, 2012

tumbling along

so we divorced facebook at the new year to free up some time.  & what do we do? we tweet more & put up a tumblr site.  so far so good we thinks.

follow us on tumbr here:

tweets here:

tumblr has only been active for a few days but its turning out to be our multimedia feed of twitter.  or like twitter on roids.  we’ll see how that goes.  its fun for the time being.

as for fb, we log on once a week.  but since we trimmed our friends down its easy peasy to see what is important and comment/catch up.  should have done that wayyy sooner but glad we finally did.

ps: here’s the latest pic of the drum kick head taped up.  we smashed thru the last tape job but we scored a new head now (for free, thx tasty keith!) so once we bust thru this mess of tape, its onto a new one with a hardcore kick spot even!


February 16, 2012

skipapalooza 2!

its gonna be BIG!

so excited & honoured once to be able to do skipapalooza a 2nd time!

more deats to follow!

February 4, 2012

a woofin’ great bass addition!

new addition to the bass fam!

we happened across a 5 yr old epiphone eb0 going for cheap online this past week.  we’ve been in the market for something to replace our eb3 that is short scale to compliment our gibson sg for live and jam situations.

the deal was too good to pass up.  she was going cheaper than some our pedals!  so even if it turned out a bust we weren’t shelling out a lot. she had original strings on her, had never seen a stage & was only used for studio work. cosmectically she had a wee paint chip on the body & the fretboard has some wear.  nothing major at all.

old strings comin off

she was in dire need of a setup & strings so we used our new found skills (we just did our very first ever setup on the SG last week!).  first a cleaning with a damp soft rag to get some dirt off was in order.  then we put on some D’addario EXL 170’s on her that were a gift from last year.

did the setup & found the action was still too high(it was crazy high when we got her).  took that down, redid the setup.  played some riffs & tweeked the setup ever so slightly & viola!  a new used bass that is a looker with that smokin’ white pickguard.  almost reminds us of a Rik!  she is quite solid & built well.  we can see her being a great addition to the bass fam!  so a great BIG welcome aboard!

woofin' great bass!

even the dogs can’t help checkin’ her out!  all we need is a name…. stay tuned!

ready 2 rawk!

February 4, 2012

sorry we missed yer jam

our gibson sg takes a break at polson

its a comment u hear often in this digital age.  not only have we said a few times but we’ve also fallen victim to it many more.

sorry we missed yer jam

yer band needs a member so u post online & get a few emails.  u write back &  forth for a bit(vetting the emails along the way) & firm up a jam & then that person doesn’t show.  most times there is no reason given & u never hear from that person again.  if u are lucky the noshow writes u to either resked or say not interested.  its a painful & sometimes frustrating process.

one group of guys we love to jam with fell victim to this very thing this past week.  its not our first time having this happen to this particular group so we were prepared to jam either way & had a helluva great time regardless.  that speaks volumes to how many times this has happened to us that we are ready to rock out a good time even if the singer is a noshow.  its just that this incident in particular was soooo disappointing to us personally.  usually the cloak of the internet can give the noshow a bit of a cover & we have no recourse.  this time though, the noshow is best buddies of a longtime jam buddy of ours.  on this count alone we won’t be letting this one in particular “noshow with no contact” just slip away.  we will be letting this dood know(using various methods hehe) that his good life long buddy is a major doofus & then some.  getting the hopes up (even though we do not keep them not that high) of bandmates/fellow musicians is just plain wrong.  to do that to fellow musicians is just not fair to every1 out there trying to make good things happen.

that is why on the times we’ve had to miss meetup jams, we write back or get in contact the day of.  there are indeed so many great ideas & great bands out there but only so much time.  if only we didn’t have to work for a living & could concentrate on just music, life would a grand.  we get that & we are sure we are not the only ones out there with that same feeling.  just be respectful & get in touch the day of.  trust us, the feeling of not knowing a “noshow” is happening is better than wondering if noshow will show at any point during a jam & just leaves a bitter taste afterwards.

having said all that, we’ll put out there that our mates that love to casually jam are still looking for a singer/2nd guitarist.  here’s what we write to prospects.  if u read this & it speaks to you or someone u know in the gta, apply within.


we get together with a few guys every so often for a jam.  we effort once a month. sometimes its less, sometimes its more depending on our skeds.  anywho, we just play and have fun while doing it.  we don’t have a singer/2nd guitarist nor do we have any great plans for world domination.  its just a fun thing that might lead to something one day.
here’s the setlist. if you wanna come out, you can suggest some songs as well. we are easy going that way too.
Weezer – Say it ain’t so, El Scorcho, Hash Pipe
Pixies: Wave of Mutilation, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Gauge Away, Subbacultcha, UMass, Where is my Mind, Here Comes Your Man, Cactus
David Bowie: Suffragate City
Joy Division: Transmission, Love will tear us apart, She’s Lost Control
Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar
The Cure: Boys Dont Cry, Just like Heaven
Neil Young: Like a Hurricane
Sublime: Badfish, Santeria, Smoke 2 Joints
Police: Message in a bottle
CCR: Fortunate Son
Kings of Leon: Red Morning Light
Clash: Brand New Cadillac
Various Nirvana songs
Various medleys of classic rock songs