a woofin’ great bass addition!

new addition to the bass fam!

we happened across a 5 yr old epiphone eb0 going for cheap online this past week.  we’ve been in the market for something to replace our eb3 that is short scale to compliment our gibson sg for live and jam situations.

the deal was too good to pass up.  she was going cheaper than some our pedals!  so even if it turned out a bust we weren’t shelling out a lot. she had original strings on her, had never seen a stage & was only used for studio work. cosmectically she had a wee paint chip on the body & the fretboard has some wear.  nothing major at all.

old strings comin off

she was in dire need of a setup & strings so we used our new found skills (we just did our very first ever setup on the SG last week!).  first a cleaning with a damp soft rag to get some dirt off was in order.  then we put on some D’addario EXL 170’s on her that were a gift from last year.

did the setup & found the action was still too high(it was crazy high when we got her).  took that down, redid the setup.  played some riffs & tweeked the setup ever so slightly & viola!  a new used bass that is a looker with that smokin’ white pickguard.  almost reminds us of a Rik!  she is quite solid & built well.  we can see her being a great addition to the bass fam!  so a great BIG welcome aboard!

woofin' great bass!

even the dogs can’t help checkin’ her out!  all we need is a name…. stay tuned!

ready 2 rawk!


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