so a week ago we were jamming on the kit with rosalita at the geary st rehearsal factory. after a song we realized there was blood drops on half the hihat cymbals & the snare. first we made the quick check that it wasn’t ours then got mildly disgusted. who bleeds on a hourly rental kit & then doesn’t clean it up? who doesn’t clean the gear? then we thought, why haven’t we come across this more often? fret not, we moved the hihats/snare so we were hitting the non bloody parts & told the powers that be about the mess.

lo & behold we come back a week later to find the same blood drops (see pics) on the snare! the hihats had been cleaned or the blood wore off. but no attempt had been made on the snare. now we were truly disgusted. rehearsal factory loses big points for not cleaning their gear within a week!




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