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April 30, 2012

that’s a wrap April!

another month has flown by!


struggling with a flu bug for the later half of the month has made things more challenging but nonetheless, forward ho!

today we were sadden by the news that Molly’s Chamber, the cover act we left 7 weeks ago has now officially gone on hiatus. we thought it would be easy for them to find a replacement bassist as the material and the other players were quite solid. still unknown what exactly has transpired but its still sad news nonetheless. here’s to hoping they all land on their feet!


the dj nights at the Schomberg pub every Saturday have been a treat. the regulars and the casual atmosphere make for a great time out each and every time! its also been great to pick up on what’s new and happening in the music scene and to gauge what ppl want to hear. been havin’ a ball no matter who shows up!

also this past month, we’ve been jamming with a few guys we’ve known almost since day 1 on the bass. we have been lucky enuff to finally find a singer/guitarist that fits. so far its been a helluva lot of fun playing what we all like to play and hear in a no pressure/casual/just4kicks atmosphere. finally a group that wants to do a few Clash songs!


after Skipapalooza (pic=new sticks&bag this month!), the members of Rosalita asked us to become the permanent percussionist for the band. an offer in which we quickly/gladly accepted! its been a great way to keep our feet wet on the kit and also to learn/develop musically. the forecast calls for good times ahead & 2nite is our first official jam since the party. there’s lots of new material & a new bassist on the horizon as well!


Those Handsome Hooligans have been picking up speed for a rather hectic summer. expect more posts on that in the days ahead. expecting a tee shirt run in the near future. crazy! check out our posters while u sanitize!


lastly, we’ve been pickin’ at the ol’ geetar of late. been thinkin’ aboot an open mic nite in the near future. we’ll see. ah, so many songs, so little time… the fire that fuels us. new shoes this past month too! feels so good!

April 28, 2012

time 2 hooliganize!

things have been pumpin’ along swimmingly for Those Handsome Hooligans. 2 weeks ago, we rocked the house at Skipapalooza and this past week, we wrapped up a sweet set in Barrie for a 911 charity fundraiser. also, we’ve managed to score 13 gigs between April 14th and Sept. 8th which is quite the feat for a band made up of day jobbers with fams. we are nearing 50 songs on the setlist and a run of tees are on the horizon. we were already pretty tight with the weekly practices but now that we have so many shows, the tip of the rock iceberg remains to be seen. goin’ to be a lot of rockin’ out these next few months. lets hope the body can handle it and we’ll see how high it can soar!

here’s a few posters for our upcoming shows in Barrie this Spring/Summer. hope to see you there!



April 22, 2012

strummernite 2012!

we were lucky enuff to have one day free on Easter weekend to check out strummernite 2012 in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood.

we were the DD that night so celebration lubrication was a nonfactor.  last yr we were able to make 2 nights of the yearly tribute to all things Joe Strummer and enjoy ourselves to the fullest extent.  this year unfortunately was not quite the same but we did enjoy the night all the same… if that makes any sense?  there were a lot of familiar artists back onstage but that didn’t matter much.  hearing all those songs live is a sonic treat to the our ears that doesn’t happen nearly enuff.

we posted all the pics we took with on our flickr site  The Letdowns were once again a hilite.  our deepest sincerest thx go out to the organizers for putting this stellar event on and we look fwd to another next yr!  til then enjoy this cheapy video we took of Career Opp!

April 22, 2012

yukon blonde reviewish

we happened upon a free tix to go see Yukon Blonde at Lee’s Palace in Toronto last week.

expectations were low as we’d only heard the new single “stairway” once or twice. its catchy so how bad could it be?

well, they reminded us of an updated Grapes Of Wrath just with more technology behind their songs. their lead guitarist is good. really good. drummer impressively solid. bassist came out to the front with his awesome Ric more than a few times. that was nice to see him instead of not. the crowd banter was pathetic. “its so cool to be here” was said numerous times. they were all pretty much tall and super skinny which makes them an odd sight. also the 2 step lunge by the lead guitarist at the lead singer interplay seemed ok once but in every song??? in the end, we liked about 5 of their songs. what they are who knows.

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April 19, 2012


well its been a few days since our annual event, skipapalooza
at orleans in newmarket and how can we sum it up other than AWESOME!


we brought out the ol’ disco ball for added visual deeelite. so far in the few pics we’ve seen, the ball looks amazing!

drumming for rosalita & sounding not loud proved to be quite the struggle despite our best of intentions. sorry to any1 we annoyed! live&learn. onwards&upwards. our longest set ever in the books!

those handsome hooligans showed no rust from the 4 month baby break and played pretty much from 1030-215 excluding 2×5 minute breaks. we were all anxious to play indeed!

more pics as they come in. thx to all who came out, the bands and a special thanks to orleans! hands down the best venue in newmarket!

April 11, 2012

bossome defined

skipapalooza2 this Saturday will be “bossome!”. here’s a quick definition: Bossome is a Bruce Springsteen related emotion comparable to wonder but less joyous & more fearful or respectful. Bossome is defined in Skip’s Wheel of Emotions as a combination of Rosalita -inspired delight, surprise & fear. One dictionary definition is “an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by Rosalita which is grand, sublime, & extremely powerful”. Another dictionary definition is a “mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, & wonder inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might reproduced by Rosalita: “We felt Bossome when contemplating the works of Bruce Springsteen.” “The observers were witness to the Bossome sounds of the Rosalita.”


April 5, 2012

return of the bloodskin


if u can recall, we recently found blood on the rental drumkit at the rehearsal factory. so we even more recently returned (a full 2 weeks later) to the exact same room to not only find the same old blood on the snare but even more blood than before!


good thing we had anticipated this & had brought our own snare for the rosalita jam!


speaking of the rosas, we did our last pre skipapalooza prep show at an open mic at grossmans tavern this week. each member got to choose a song for our mini set which was way cool. also the stage setup at grossmans is now improved and makes a massive difference.


whoa! lights even! a riser too! better soundboard! the grossmans we knew has changed for the better! we played decently on the kit. but once we were done, we were once again told we were too loud on the drums. struggling with the combo of keeping the BIG drum sound of springsteen alive while not being too loud for patrons. its tough lesson to learn & even a harder one to put into practice & use!