yukon blonde reviewish

we happened upon a free tix to go see Yukon Blonde at Lee’s Palace in Toronto last week.

expectations were low as we’d only heard the new single “stairway” once or twice. its catchy so how bad could it be?

well, they reminded us of an updated Grapes Of Wrath just with more technology behind their songs. their lead guitarist is good. really good. drummer impressively solid. bassist came out to the front with his awesome Ric more than a few times. that was nice to see him instead of not. the crowd banter was pathetic. “its so cool to be here” was said numerous times. they were all pretty much tall and super skinny which makes them an odd sight. also the 2 step lunge by the lead guitarist at the lead singer interplay seemed ok once but in every song??? in the end, we liked about 5 of their songs. what they are who knows.

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3 Comments to “yukon blonde reviewish”

  1. haha…you’re rough. You made me want to hear their music though. I’m going to the weblink now.

  2. Their style reminds me a bit of Juno award winners The Arkells. https://www.facebook.com/Arkells/app_178091127385

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