for starters


rather been a reflective few wks. bdays and some free time can cause that we guess.

of the many thoughts we had, there was one about us and bands. one previously unknown similarity has come up.

that we tend to stay with the bands we had a part in starting.

we look back to all the bands we’ve had the great opportunity to play and perform with and see that point come up way too often. its great to see how a band evolves from nothing and the road it goes on is well worth all the time spent. perhaps that is the fire that keeps us involved thru thick & thin. the great thing about the 3 bands we are in right now is that we’ve been there in all of them in the formation stages. that bodes well moving forward. the forecast is solid and is going to be busy!

the reasons why we haven’t stayed in the bands we weren’t there in the formation stages all vary. trying to come up with a catch all, all encompassing phrase for the reasons but so far it has eluded us. perhaps its a lack of feeling that we are not a contributing part of something but rather a bit player or a gun for hire or some other elusive feeling. or since we weren’t there from day1 we are not that emotionally and time invested and that makes saying au revoir easier.

speaking of feelings, it feels like this post will likely get edited once we come up with more answers and think this thought thru more fully! at least we’ve started the thought process by finally writing it down!


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