may we wrap the month of may for the Hooligans?

Been a busy month for Those Handsome Hooligans but a sign of more busier times ahead as well! adding new songs, playing gigs and keeping our gear in fine form=whew!

first our first ever show at British Arms in Barrie went swimmingly. the night ended with very loud chants of ONE MORE SONG! a sure sign that the crowd enjoyed us. one of the many mind blowing things of that night were the 2 tables of ppl that stayed from start to finish. never b4 had we seen such hardcore devotion in Hooligan fans! whoa, mind blown!

our second gig of the month was a season ender party for the dart league in Innisfil. now these fine folk know how to party! once we did our soundcheck song, they never sat down the entire evening. another first for the Hooligans! our 2nd set of tunes was over 90 minutes strait. our finger tips could feel the burn and we barely made it thru the 3rd and last set. can’t wait to play there again as rumours are running rampant that we will return to the Innisfil area for NYE.

this past month we got our gear finally set up for the season. more on that in a post to come. for now, here’s some hooligan pics!


stage at lions club innisfil. yes the floor is slanted like that!


our eb3 takes a break at british arms. it was due for a setup after this show.


the creatures came out at british arms!


so did James from the Decibel Kings! sweet!


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