this one is for the birds

we came outside our backyard today to find the pups freakin’ out and an orchestra of chirping. we dunno what exactly happened as the puppies aren’t saying much but the evidence was there for us to see.

a baby bird lay on the grass and the mother bird was not happy about it.

so we waited to see if the bird was going to move anywhere. it was definitely alive.

after 20 mins we checked on it again. it hadn’t gone anywhere and was quite damp. so we decided to then take matters into our own hands. we found a old dog bowl, filled it with grass clippings and got some work gloves. we carefully picked up the baby bird (while mom squawked at us!) and placed it into the bowl.

finding a home for the bowl, even if temporary was difficult. we tried to place it near the nest we assume the baby bird came from but it was waaaayyyy too tippy of a spot. we left it for a while on our deck rail. then after awhile we placed it on a perch. mom seemed to like the perch as we have witnessed her visit the bowl/baby often. fingers crossed that all ends up well for the baby robin!


this is better than the lawn hopefully!



all nestled in



on the perch for the night!



mother bird on her way to visit!



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