finally some bass TLC

we dunno if it was the change in weather or “whether” it was finally just the wear and tear on our 2 main basses BUT mid month they both went out of whack and need some TLC. actually the SG needed a setup in March but we’ve been “making due” with her when she was needed. but once we gigged with our Epi EB-3 mid May and it went out of whack too we knew then and there a trip to the bass doctor was in order.

now we thought about trying it ourselves but we aren’t just quite that confident yet in our own abilities and its been the first time these 2 basses have needed any work in over 2 years (first time for both as far as we know). then next question was where to take them…. we had been to steve’s music before to get our first ever bass done (music man ray 34) but that was just because we had bought it there. after some research, we decided to go with whom we know and let them do the deed.

much to our shock, they were due to be in the shop for a week. we thought it might be an overnight thing. still no biggie, we had no gigs for 10 days anywho. they called us back within 6 days to say they were ready and when we showed up, both techs that worked on them were there and answered all our questions and then some.

we got flat wounds put on both so both start to feel the same to us. we’ve used the SG at a gig already and it has settled quite nicely. we couldn’t be happier with the sound and feel it has now. with the EB-3, we’ve only practiced with it once. it feels like a new bass (which being the older of the 2 is great!) and its great to have her back in the fold.

all in all, a great experience with Steve’s and the new setups on the basses. well worth the 45 bux on each and the results only makes us want to play them more!

now onto finding a deal on a bass cab… we have needs!


waiting for the bus with new again basses & much needed java!


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