heavy thoughts on a bass cab decision!

currently VERY torn between getting:

an Acoustic 4×10 cab


an Ashdown 2×12.

both meet our needs for more umph and meet the requirements of our Little Mark II head. the Acoustic is cheaper by a fair bit but is used. the Ashdown looks sweeter and is brand new. about $150 is the price difference.

either way, ultimately we`d love to get a 1×15 to go with the Acoustic and a 2×10 to go with the Ashdown.

the Acoustic would help us out greatly in the short term. the Ashdown may prove to be a sounder long term investment. both are HEAVY!

ah, decisions. decisions…



One Comment to “heavy thoughts on a bass cab decision!”

  1. Spend a bit more and get something with Neo mag.speakers. I just bought a G-K 4 by 10 Neo cab and it is amazingly light!

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