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July 29, 2012

july bouncy wrap!

wow, what a month musically! fun times!

IN: new to us but used bass cab & pedals

OUT: drumming with Rosalita, bass with the Mightabins, bass with TooNice, weekly dj nights at the Pub

TooNice Reboot Final Chapter

we found out some more info about our being reunited with TooNice and then out 4 days later. seems our dedication to the band was called into question. simply meaning we weren’t dedicated enough for the other members. we had only spent every free second of 5 days relearning 50 songs, spent 12 hrs commuting to gigs/jams, jammed twice on 3.5 hrs sleep, spend money on a new bass cab, took time off work, emailed our contacts for new gigs and had to send our regrets to 3 other music endeavours to make time for them. strange reasoning but thats what they said. hilarious!

Those Handsome Hooligans Hiatus Ongoing

kept on jamming as much as possible with THH members during our drummerless hiatus this past month diggin’ the jams we do have and perhaps some of these songs we’ve been working on acoustically will grace the Hooligan stage one day! rumours persist of a casual gig/jam in aug. stay tuned!

Mtn Dukes sputterring

try as we may, the summer is tough to get a band going. vacays and other commitments make time tight to get jams in but its 2 steps fwd and one step back for the Dukes. we patch 2gether a couple of tight jams and then need to take a break for 2 weeks cuz no one is around. still expecting us to debut in September somehow/somewhere. when it does happen, it’ll be a slice! at least in July we finally decided on a name!

4×10 bass cab and pedals!

lastly, our new bass cab has stopped being stinky. the odd musty odour is gone! soundwise, a slight flutter exists only when we hit one particular note but we seemed to have scooped that out of the tone. good news is that the cab is a keeper no matter what. gotta jam with it soon so we can hear it compete with the other instruments! our mxr carbon copy delay pedal has been a great addition. its pretty much glued to the pboard now. we dig how having it slightly into our mix thickens up our sound and its a great tweaking toy when we get ambitious!

thx to all for visiting the site this past month! we’ve set a hits record! u rawk!


July 27, 2012

TooNice v2.0 one & done!

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well we were “officially” back with TooNice for 4 days & we got the boot. seems the bassist we were to replace was a better fit or had a fit & didn’t want to switch to guitar/percussion which was their ultimate plan. its all very cryptic & we still aren’t entirely sure what happened just we know we are out. after only 4 days back it almost seems surreal. it happened so fast were we really ever back? haha!

its all too bad since we really were lookin’ fwd to where TooNice v2.0 would go after such a fun first reunion weekend. we were already building new basslines for new songs, trying new things with the old ones and of course, having fun at shows. now we know we aren’t the best bass plyr in the universe but we like to think that the bass dedication & energy we bring to a band is 2nd to none. quality wins out thou! sux that we dropped 3 fun music related tasks (drums with rosalita, bass with mightabins, weekly dj nites) to make room for them & also that we won’t get to finally play our hometown/homebar in August. but we wish nothing but the best to TooNice & what lies ahead for ’em. g’ver!

whats ahead for us? who knows? one door closes & we are sure another will open in the near future. but as our experience has shown us, quality reggae/ska is tough to replace in our books but our fingers are crossed! now accepting low end applications!


July 24, 2012

a cab for all seasons?

the new/used ’74 ampeg 4×10!

our last posted hinted at our frustration with not having an appropriate cab to go with our little mark head.  its been a simmering source of annoyance that last weekends shows brought to the forefront again.  we’ve been browsing the used market for quite awhile looking for a good deal and pricing out the market.  we made one last ditch effort on Monday to go to our local music shop to see what they had available.  funny thing was once we mentioned that we were on a “budget”, we got zero service.  that made our decision to go “used” an easy one!

the smell test

we spent 15 minutes putting this unmarked Ampeg 4×10 thru its paces.  the previous owner said the owner prior to him made the custom look and had added handles to the cab but essentially it was Ampeg.  he had never opened it though.  he had used it for a few recordings/jams but never gigged it.  it performed great and we found it to be a good match with our head.  there were quite a few tonal sweet spots.  funny thing was that on our way home with it, we noticed a strange odour.  musty maybe?  it had been in a basement for 2.5 yrs.  the dogs were all over it asap once we got it thru the door.  we decided there&then to take the thing apart, see what was inside gear wise and make sure nothing had died in it.

opening the back!

after quite a few screws and gently pulling the back out, we got in!

the 4 10’s

one of the four 10’s

not bad!  a few spider webs and nothing dead in it!  we let it air out and gave it a few febreze sessions.

a name & date inside!

much to our surprise we found a name and a date inside!  how cool is that?

so we added our own name!

and maybe one day some1 else will open it and say how cool is that!

powerline tweeter!

we put it back together and we’ll put it thru some paces this week.  a midweek jam and an outdoor show(again) are on tap this week.  hopefully the odour is gone4good.  its a bit of an awkward shape for one person to carry but it doesn’t weigh a ton(bonus!).  we think the shape enhances the sound so we can live with that.  stay tuned for an update. more news at 11.

and perhaps this is what it’ll end up being used for!  though we do hope its a cab for all seasons!

July 22, 2012

toonice of a reggaelicious weekend!

view from the patio stage of the sunset at Wasaga beach!

a mere 5 days after we got the call into reggae action, we were back onstage with TooNice for 3 reggaelicious gigs this past weekend!

first up, 5 sets at the Dard in Wasaga Beach. our 7-11 show turned up being a 7-midnite. the entire evening had ppl coming in and out and enjoying a few bevs with us as we played to the patio and the beach strip. good times! by the end our fingerstips were on fire. a result of us cramming all week to meet the needs of the call up and now playing the tunes. the show started with a nice breeze on us that went away after sunset but the sand into our gear while the wind blew was not welcomed. after one set, we switched to our backup/cheaper EB0 instead of our precious SG to keep it out of the blowing sand.

our patio bass setup at wasaga!

up early the very next morning to head to Gravenhurst for 2 shows. first up, an afternoon playing a street party for the town. we weren’t happy on the sound we were getting from our cheap fender bassman 1×15 during the wasaga show so we stopped into curries music to see what they had. much to our surprise they lent us a yorkville 4×10 for the street party to tryout! t’was the first time we put our little mark head with a 4×10 and also the first time we’d tried playing reggae tones thru a 4×10. after lots of tweaking during the first set, we got to a point we liked. t’was difficult to balance volume and tones(same issue we are having with the 1×15) though. outdoor shows are tough with only one cab. after all 3 shows with both cabs, the only conclusion we could draw is that we need a fridge cab! ha, fat chance we are luggin’ that around! so this week coming up, we are researching gear to find a decent fit. anyways, we digress from the show! the ppl of gravenhurst are amongst the friendliest on the planet. had great times dancing, chatting and playing with every1! a very, very special thx to Andrew at Curries for the cab!

the borrowed yorkville 4×10 cab!

ric 4 sale at curries!

freshly pressed band tees!

gravenhurst make a splash st. party setup!

hey, that’s our hat! stilt dancin’ partner takes our hat!

last but not least of our 3 shows in 24hrs was a private bday party in gravenhurst. right beside the lake and ppl enjoying it and the food/bevs made for an epic intimate evening. lots of banter and requests that had us giving every last bit of energy we had in the tank! by the end we were admittedly having difficulty trying to find the right notes. mentally we were there but physically hitting them was proving difficult! 5 days of cramming, 5 sets friday nite, 4 sets saturday aft, 4 sets saturday evening was a tall order! our toonice calluses our back in a big way! & why yes, it did hurt to type this post!

epic view of our bday party setup!

our foot on wasaga beach for the 1st time!

July 16, 2012

TooNice again?

strange thing happened over the weekend. the fine folks in our old reggae band TooNice rang us up lookin’ for an emergency fill in bass player for this upcoming weekend. 3 shows in just over a 24 hr span! without hesitation we jumped at the opportunity so now its off to relearn 50 songs in 5 days. it’ll be a whirlwind week with a reggaeriffic weekend!

here’s a vid with the band with yours truly on the low end. enjoy and see u in Wasaga!

Change by TooNice


July 13, 2012

green apple beer!


one of our fave summer bevvys! a nice cross between a beer and a cider that never fails to refresh. much like a wild berry that only is around for a wee bit, they only seem to be stocked at the liquor stores during the summer. must remember in late August to stockpile some!

July 12, 2012

Mtn Dukes Au Go Go!

Mtn Dukes jamspot view!

after 2.5 years of sputtery starts, our group of casual jammers has now become a bonafide band with a growing setlist of dyanmic rockin’ material that is stage ready. its been a great ride so far! what sealed the deal was coming up with the name this past Sunday and having back2back2back2back2back2back2back wikked jams these past few months.  good times ahead!  more about the Mtn Dukes can be found here!  from there u can find us on Twitter and Facebook too! shows coming soon! perhaps an open mic performance or 2 to get our feet wet then up the ante from there.  stay tuned!

our mtn dukes jam setup!

July 10, 2012

earry purchase!


today we used up a gift card to get us a pair of noise cancelling stereo headphones made by Vic Firth.
we plan to use them for a variety of purposes:
1. ear protection (-25db worth) for practices and jams. ear bud protection was just not cutting it for us. they were annoying to put on but we still need something for protection.
2. to practice along to songs with
3. for djing (the puppy just ate our old dj headphones). RIP old sony headphones!
we’ll update later how the headphones are doing in each of the 3 cats.

July 9, 2012

july pboard!


our version of the my5! this months pboard setup! tu2-elgrande-bf2-carboncopy-boost.
welcome to the board carbon copy!

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July 9, 2012

demo setup!

heres our demo setup for the 2 new pedals in the fam. the ce3 chorus adds a bit to much noise in the line but did the job. the carbon copy delay sounds great with the mix at 8 oclock with about anything we play and with it dialed so low, there’s lots of room for experimenting! both are good additions to own.