bassic june update!

Hooligans and Friends Jam Up “wish you were here”

june update!

been busy so Hills updates were brief during the month of June. just a few pics more or less.
we’ll be posting a review and some photos from the Hives concert we attended later this week. great show!
also might get around to posting about our NXNE experience.

other notables from the past month:

those Handsome Hooligans are now on indefinite hiatus. our drummer has to travel lots during the next 6 months so instead of attempting to book shows and having to cancel them last minute and/or find a sub-in drummer for our 50 songs, the group decided to take a indefinite hiatus til the drummer travelling ends.
but in June, the Hooligans had some epic shows at Manhattan’s and British Arms in Barrie and we did a few private bbq shows that were a delight. t’was a fine an’ dandy way to play full tilt before taking a break. can’t wait to pick up the tunes again but as sad as it was to have to take a Hooligan break, we look fwd to seeing what the spare time brings us.

our drumming with the Springsteen group, Rosalita still remains a blast and we are rehearsing new songs to the setlist and planning a few shows for 2012. putting in the work on the tunes has been a slow process but not a minute of it has been a chore and totally worth the effort. luvin the time behind the kit. it feels like it keeps us grounded for what we really dig doing, the bass.

we continue to jam on the bass with our Duke friends and we are thinking of debuting a set of covers onto the masses later this summer. time is currently being spent on finding songs we like, that work and then tightening those songs up. a time consuming process but once the ball gets rolling, all of it will be time well spent. more on that exciting band in the near future.

there is speculation that the Mightabins are jamming again and we’ll likely be in the mix. if u like Ramonesque punk rock with a thunderous backbeat, you’ll luv what the Mightabins have in store! one of the LOUDEST bands we’ve ever had the pleasure to jam with. ear protection are an essential need for the funtabulous jams. surely the shows(if they happen) will be a hoot and literally a sonic BLAST!

last but not least, originals are somewhere on the dial. we are continuing to work on some of our own material and some material with associates. hoping some of that rises out of the abyss and sees the light of day in the near future. carpe diem!

after 3 Hooligan shows in 3 days are fingers felt like this!


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