Hives: Concert Review?

the hives wore tophats & tails. a ninja tackled a fan on stage. everyone sat on the floor. they married us. it rocked. – tweet

The Hives have always been a band that we somewhat followed. their debut disc is about as solid as any released in the last 20 years. we were instantly captivated. after that first release though, the songs have been hit and miss so our interest waned. but when the chance to go see them in concert came up, we jumped at it! literally!

pros: great songs, great crowd, great fan interaction, cool mosh pit, roadies were ninjas, we ALL sat down

cons: too much talk not enuff rock, left us wanting more

we will never forget how they managed to get the entire joint to sit down. that was an epic moment! they played essentially their greatest hits. we were holding out to hear more of the first cd but ahhhh so many songs, so little time.
loud rifftastic rock is never a bad thing.

so glad to have seen them and no matter what, we’ll always be a diehard fan from now on. man, the sweat that dripped from us that night! still can’t believe we lost our shoes twice in the pit & fell over once. crisis averted thx to everyone around us though!

here are a slew of pics that hopefully capture some of the energy of the HIVES night of June 26th at the Sound Academy in Toronto.

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