toonice of a reggaelicious weekend!

view from the patio stage of the sunset at Wasaga beach!

a mere 5 days after we got the call into reggae action, we were back onstage with TooNice for 3 reggaelicious gigs this past weekend!

first up, 5 sets at the Dard in Wasaga Beach. our 7-11 show turned up being a 7-midnite. the entire evening had ppl coming in and out and enjoying a few bevs with us as we played to the patio and the beach strip. good times! by the end our fingerstips were on fire. a result of us cramming all week to meet the needs of the call up and now playing the tunes. the show started with a nice breeze on us that went away after sunset but the sand into our gear while the wind blew was not welcomed. after one set, we switched to our backup/cheaper EB0 instead of our precious SG to keep it out of the blowing sand.

our patio bass setup at wasaga!

up early the very next morning to head to Gravenhurst for 2 shows. first up, an afternoon playing a street party for the town. we weren’t happy on the sound we were getting from our cheap fender bassman 1×15 during the wasaga show so we stopped into curries music to see what they had. much to our surprise they lent us a yorkville 4×10 for the street party to tryout! t’was the first time we put our little mark head with a 4×10 and also the first time we’d tried playing reggae tones thru a 4×10. after lots of tweaking during the first set, we got to a point we liked. t’was difficult to balance volume and tones(same issue we are having with the 1×15) though. outdoor shows are tough with only one cab. after all 3 shows with both cabs, the only conclusion we could draw is that we need a fridge cab! ha, fat chance we are luggin’ that around! so this week coming up, we are researching gear to find a decent fit. anyways, we digress from the show! the ppl of gravenhurst are amongst the friendliest on the planet. had great times dancing, chatting and playing with every1! a very, very special thx to Andrew at Curries for the cab!

the borrowed yorkville 4×10 cab!

ric 4 sale at curries!

freshly pressed band tees!

gravenhurst make a splash st. party setup!

hey, that’s our hat! stilt dancin’ partner takes our hat!

last but not least of our 3 shows in 24hrs was a private bday party in gravenhurst. right beside the lake and ppl enjoying it and the food/bevs made for an epic intimate evening. lots of banter and requests that had us giving every last bit of energy we had in the tank! by the end we were admittedly having difficulty trying to find the right notes. mentally we were there but physically hitting them was proving difficult! 5 days of cramming, 5 sets friday nite, 4 sets saturday aft, 4 sets saturday evening was a tall order! our toonice calluses our back in a big way! & why yes, it did hurt to type this post!

epic view of our bday party setup!

our foot on wasaga beach for the 1st time!


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