a cab for all seasons?

the new/used ’74 ampeg 4×10!

our last posted hinted at our frustration with not having an appropriate cab to go with our little mark head.  its been a simmering source of annoyance that last weekends shows brought to the forefront again.  we’ve been browsing the used market for quite awhile looking for a good deal and pricing out the market.  we made one last ditch effort on Monday to go to our local music shop to see what they had available.  funny thing was once we mentioned that we were on a “budget”, we got zero service.  that made our decision to go “used” an easy one!

the smell test

we spent 15 minutes putting this unmarked Ampeg 4×10 thru its paces.  the previous owner said the owner prior to him made the custom look and had added handles to the cab but essentially it was Ampeg.  he had never opened it though.  he had used it for a few recordings/jams but never gigged it.  it performed great and we found it to be a good match with our head.  there were quite a few tonal sweet spots.  funny thing was that on our way home with it, we noticed a strange odour.  musty maybe?  it had been in a basement for 2.5 yrs.  the dogs were all over it asap once we got it thru the door.  we decided there&then to take the thing apart, see what was inside gear wise and make sure nothing had died in it.

opening the back!

after quite a few screws and gently pulling the back out, we got in!

the 4 10’s

one of the four 10’s

not bad!  a few spider webs and nothing dead in it!  we let it air out and gave it a few febreze sessions.

a name & date inside!

much to our surprise we found a name and a date inside!  how cool is that?

so we added our own name!

and maybe one day some1 else will open it and say how cool is that!

powerline tweeter!

we put it back together and we’ll put it thru some paces this week.  a midweek jam and an outdoor show(again) are on tap this week.  hopefully the odour is gone4good.  its a bit of an awkward shape for one person to carry but it doesn’t weigh a ton(bonus!).  we think the shape enhances the sound so we can live with that.  stay tuned for an update. more news at 11.

and perhaps this is what it’ll end up being used for!  though we do hope its a cab for all seasons!

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