TooNice v2.0 one & done!

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well we were “officially” back with TooNice for 4 days & we got the boot. seems the bassist we were to replace was a better fit or had a fit & didn’t want to switch to guitar/percussion which was their ultimate plan. its all very cryptic & we still aren’t entirely sure what happened just we know we are out. after only 4 days back it almost seems surreal. it happened so fast were we really ever back? haha!

its all too bad since we really were lookin’ fwd to where TooNice v2.0 would go after such a fun first reunion weekend. we were already building new basslines for new songs, trying new things with the old ones and of course, having fun at shows. now we know we aren’t the best bass plyr in the universe but we like to think that the bass dedication & energy we bring to a band is 2nd to none. quality wins out thou! sux that we dropped 3 fun music related tasks (drums with rosalita, bass with mightabins, weekly dj nites) to make room for them & also that we won’t get to finally play our hometown/homebar in August. but we wish nothing but the best to TooNice & what lies ahead for ’em. g’ver!

whats ahead for us? who knows? one door closes & we are sure another will open in the near future. but as our experience has shown us, quality reggae/ska is tough to replace in our books but our fingers are crossed! now accepting low end applications!


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