Road to the Dukebut!


Road to the DUKEBUT

this Friday marks the debut of the Mtn Dukes.

its a cover band 3 years in the making. many moons ago, we read a “bassist wanted” ad on craigslist that listed something along the lines of “must be Pixies fan“. since they are a top 5 band of ours, we couldn’t resist responding even though we had just started playing the bass only 2.5 months prior.

we remember being a bundle of nerves that first jam(it was only the 2nd time we’d be playing the bass in front of ppl we didn’t know) but the other peeps seemed cool enough. the drummer & guitarist were solid & friendly. not only were we on audition that first jam but also were a bunch of singers. our low end passed the grade & so then the longstanding issue became finding a proper vocalist. one that could also play guitar & “actually” sing.

after that first jam, the 3 of us agreed to keep up the search for a singer. we knew we had 3/4 of what could be a smokin’ good band in the making. we needed a singer that shared in the same love of music we had & one that also believed in our motto of starting “not just another cover band”. we wanted to play songs we liked that we thought others would like too. we weren’t interested in playing songs that most cover bands play. there would be no “sweet home alabama“, “hard to handle” or “new orleans is sinking” in this yet to be named band. great songs as they were, they just get overplayed and we wanted to play some of the tons of other great songs that are out there with a keen eye on alternative/modern rock as well as some ‘choice” classics.

many weeks, months & actually years would pass. we’d try out a few singers & have a few jams & then we’d not be in touch for awhile. none of the would-be singers would quite fit the bill. some couldn’t sing, some couldn’t play guitar. some were too busy, others too interested in fame/fortune. some wanted a band to back their solo careers & others were just plain ol’ nutjobs. there was even one with an odd smell that we just couldn’t get past. looking back now, you name it & it feels like we saw it. sometimes we just get together as a 3 piece to rock out a few songs every few months. t’was a good way to keep the ol’ flame alive in what looking back was “the dark times“. the spark for this band was always there though on the backburner for all of us.

we turn now to this past spring. we had had the good fortune of witnessing the audition of a singer(for another band) who really, really, really wanted to play guitar in a band. this guy seemed good enough vocally during this audition and we could see that it was killing him inside that there wasn’t room for a guitar player in that band. we kept in contact & decided to have him out with the Mtn Dukes. pretty much everything clicked right away & well as they say, the rest is history.

Friday marks the start of our “live” shows. on one hand it feels like something brand new is starting. that is correct as we’ve only been a “true band” since the spring & a lot of our material is still quite fresh to us. on the other hand, it feels like this is the culmination of years of hard but fun work and not really the “start” of anything but the “result” of all that time well spent.  regardless, no doubt that Friday will be Mtn Dukes history in the making.
a lot of songs have come & gone over the past 3 years. the 20 that make the setlist are like a roadmap of that time. hilarious to think back but only 2 songs remain from that first jam!

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