is that really the mtn dukes?

a day later & our ears still can’t believe the mtn dukes did their Dukebut!  it was AWESOME!  a mere 2 sets worth of favourites spanning the decades all done with a subtle sprinkling of dukealicious spice!  it was great to finally get the opp to perform with the dukes & get some of these songs out there.

mucho thx  to Bruce Hooligan for opening the show for us with a sweet set of acoustic songs with yours truly on the bass.  T’was super memorable to have him also do a laid back version of  “the waiting” with us.  we will ever never forget that!  as well, Ben was great singing an entire song with the mtn dukes and a HUGE THANKS 2 every1 who showed up. t’was nice to see some new/old faces so we were on cloud 9 the entire night!  OnCue was a sweet choice of venue to have our Dukebut.  new renos have made the space more band/fan friendly.  the bar is now more in the middle of the venue and there’s a HUGE tv there.  still tons of pool tables & delicious food.  we were invited back so we will effort to get another Duke show there before the end of the year.

as for our playing, we will admit to just being a tad overwhelmed on 2 occasions.  we got caught twice looking at our dukemates & getting lost in thought (ie: i can’t believe we are actually playing a show!) & then totally forgetting about the song we were in.  too funny!  also had some gear location issues during the warmup set with Bruce Hooligan.  must remember to have everything set where we need it BEFORE we start playing! another too funny of a bass “DO’H!” moment.

now the mtn dukes take a week off before embarking onto making a 3rd set.  good times lie ahead!  next show TBA!

jumping for joy!

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