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November 14, 2012

pedalboard fun setup


fun just messing around alot so heres our pboard config for this week! tu2-carboncopy-oc3-bf2-bassballs

November 8, 2012

vintage seconds

so much going on the world, so little time for blogging!




The mtn dukes have their second show EVER this Saturday at ONCUE! we’ve got some new songs in the mix & some special guests planned so hopefully you can join us. our acoustic duo, “Raised on Promises” starts the evening off at 9p. great food, pool, bevs, tunes & U!


we’ve bought a NEW BASS!


Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass, fresh outta the package!

yes, we have finally jumped headfirst into the world of Fender basses with the Modern Player Series and the Telecaster Bass. its the first of all the Fender basses that has ever felt good to us. the neck is great & we even got used to the gloss finish on it pretty quickly. the sound has been getting great reviews at our jams. we look forward to playing at the dukes show this Saturday (have we mentioned there is a show this weekend!) and we’ll give the new bass a proper review post of its own once we’ve given it a gig.


been busy with doing sound at local hockey games and yes, we are bowling again! also, been trying to find a nice fit to do some original songs. that search has resulted in squat. lastly, we scored tix to BOTH rheunion shows in December for the original lineup of the RHEOSTATICS! very much lookin’ fwd to that!