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February 13, 2013


had this in our head this morn so we quickly grabbed the iphone & recorded it to listen to later.  now that we have, we’d likely alter one wee bit of the line but here it is nonetheless.  kinda sounds better with the bassballs pedal but if the line was in a song, we’d not use the bassballs with it. hmmm, wonder if we’ll keep recording and posting vids?


February 5, 2013

keeping up with gear & movements

time for a gear movement update!

acoustimatic 30 on arrival!

acoustasonic 30 on arrival!

we swapped our circa mid 2000’s Ampeg BA210 for a Fender Acoustasonic 30 recently.  “peggy” as she was called was heavy & great for many gig while we were first making our way around stages.  recently though, she’d just been sitting at home.  never being used.  never quite loud enough anymore. never quite portable enough.  she’d done her service(100 gigs approx) & really owed us nothing. so when the opp presented itself, we thought we’d change it up a bit.  get an amp that is suitable enough at low volumes for both bass & guitar(trying to play more guitar, ie: once a week) & practice our mic/vocals with.  the acoustimatic has 2 channels.  one for instruments & another for a mic.  a great practice setup that we can quietly tweek our pedals with.  another long overdue task. we’ve also added our drum machine into the chain for practice service & so far so good!  so nice to come home & plug into a comfy setup when u only have a few mins to play. if we ever want to get louder with it, it has a lineout that we can plug into anything else.

speaking of effects, we’ve begun to fall hard for our El Grande Bass Fuzz that we’ve had for awhile.  keeping the settings for fuzz & volume really conservative while using the tone in the middle is giving us a great sound that is perfect mix of low end tasty dirt fuzz!  our Carbon Copy delay is also making a rebound.  such a fun pedal to practice with!  messing with different delay times has been a blast!  we are also thinning the herd.  gone is the Bass Metaphors to a new lovin’ home. our Picasso Boost is likely next. maybe our chorus or the bf2 that have sat on the sidelines for awhile.  ah, a pedal family pic from a few months back… we will ever have 10 pedals again?

pedal fam at the end of 2012!

pedal fam at the end of 2012!

we also got around to finally swapping out the nickel strings our telebass came with.  they were interesting to play with for a time but as time went on, we lusted more & more for the flats we love so dearly.  so this past weekend, we made the swap (despite our dream) to d’addario flats.  one jam in & we’ve never been happier.  a tad bright at the momement cuz they are sooo new but a huge step towards the low end thump thumpy sound we long for. telebass sound with flats= OMG!

d'addario flats in action!

d’addario flats in action!

speaking of falling hard, we are in the midst of dealing with our 2nd injury in the past 7 months.  back in August of last year, we separated a shoulder that took awhile to heal. now we’ve gone & cracked/fractured a rib.  amazing how much it hurts when we are in the wrong position or doing something that it doesn’t like.  after getting it checked out on the weekend & being told by a doc to “take it easy, here’s some drugs“, we are finally heeding the advice.  not merely the “we must have slept funny” event as we first thought it was, but the defo result of a very wicked tumble.  hoping for a speedy enough recovery that we can get back to jumping around for Skipapalooza in April.  well at least we can still play the bass, just have to keep the groovin’ movements down a few notches for the next while. in the meantime, our lightweight acoustic bass is getting even more playing time!

acoustic bass with foam fun!

acoustic bass with foam fun!

February 1, 2013

bass dream or twas it a nightmare?

woke up with a start this morn. we had been dreaming…

our dream was bass driven. inbetween takes during a mtn dukes jam session with started playing a goofy slap bassline on the new telebass. we’ve been trying to “get” slap recently. then all the sudden, the bass snaps in half right at the 7th fret! there’s a bit of dust in the air. shocked & amazed by what just happened, we peer at the spot where the split happened. the neck is made of concrete. we shout “OMG” & that’s when we wake up.

last nite we bought new flats for the bass. we want to take the factory set off finally. related? should we change the strings or not? what if… yes, what if…

some of the best responses yet:
Its a warning-dont play in the key of B
It’s time for you to buy a 2 neck bass?You rock so hard you turn wood into concrete?
watch what u eat before bed
Must be a fear of technical difficulties while on stage!
It means you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Keep slapping!
keep your silly slapping above the 7th fret.
your brain is telling you that you are taking your bass playing far too seriously?