bass dream or twas it a nightmare?

woke up with a start this morn. we had been dreaming…

our dream was bass driven. inbetween takes during a mtn dukes jam session with started playing a goofy slap bassline on the new telebass. we’ve been trying to “get” slap recently. then all the sudden, the bass snaps in half right at the 7th fret! there’s a bit of dust in the air. shocked & amazed by what just happened, we peer at the spot where the split happened. the neck is made of concrete. we shout “OMG” & that’s when we wake up.

last nite we bought new flats for the bass. we want to take the factory set off finally. related? should we change the strings or not? what if… yes, what if…

some of the best responses yet:
Its a warning-dont play in the key of B
It’s time for you to buy a 2 neck bass?You rock so hard you turn wood into concrete?
watch what u eat before bed
Must be a fear of technical difficulties while on stage!
It means you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Keep slapping!
keep your silly slapping above the 7th fret.
your brain is telling you that you are taking your bass playing far too seriously?


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