Input Bassics

Well, its been 2 months since we blogged.  That means we’ve been busy, busy, busy! Lets effort some blog fun this week!

mtn dewks!

mtn dewks!

Mtn Dukes keep rollin’ along.  Adding new songs, playing a show every month, trying to squeeze in a weekly jam. The fun never ends!  We recently played a HOT night with Dirty Rumours at Rancho Relaxo that has to be in the top 3 of hottest gigs ever for us!  The bar had 2 AC units that only blew “coolish” air at the bar & not at the stage.  The stage was sweltering! It took us most of a week to recover & get back to norm.  We also had bass issues that night…

Since we bought the telebass, it had always had a loose cup.  The “cup” is what holds the input jack in place.  Sounds purty important and as we have discovered, it has a known design flaw on the new high end Fenders.  It always gets loose! They opted to go for looks over practicality!  We had been just finger tightening it whenever it felt a wee bit too loose.  Maybe that was or wasn’t the right thing to do in hindsight.  As it turns out, during the Rancho show, we picked up the telebass for set2 & went to plug in when everything holding the input jack fell out!  Of course the show went on.  No high leg kicks for set2 as we had to tape the cord into the input jack & then stay in a relatively still position to keep the connection going.  Any movement & we’d lose it!  So after jumpin our way thru a sweat filled set1, set2 was the most we’d ever NOT moved onstage.  Talk about 2 sides of a coin!

new telebass input!

new telebass input!

So we brought telebass into the shop for a fix.  A new input jack holder was only $10 and about $20 in mechanic fees.  Well worth the investment! So what if it doesn’t have the vintage look?  Its just the jack & we’d rather have it working & reliable then lookin’ “vintage“.

Mtn Dukes next show is Saturday, July 6 at the Eton House.  New tunes & some leg kicks on tap all night long! Be there!


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