skaaaaaa party!

humble ska party beginnings!

humble ska party beginnings!

its been a 7 year hiatus for Ska Party radio.  once heard on the airwaves of CKLU Sudbury and CIUT Toronto for a combined 12 years,  it was put to rest on July 4th, 2006. at a recent Slackers show we had a few skanksters come up & ask if we’d ever be doing the show again.  we always thought we’d do the show again at some point & likely online when the time was right.  well, like Joe Strummer said “if not now, WHEN?“. the time was nigh to restart the show & all signs we’re pointing to starting on

now its meager beginnings for the restarted show.  we’ve got some rust to shed & so far its just an hour hear & there when we can spare it.  likely we will get the show to a point that it will get updated & go to air weekly on Tuesdays(which we have renamed Tunesdays). right now we are just working out the kinks & likely get some more online presence happening.  in the meantime, you can hear some of our showreel right here!


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