Cajon Beats

cajon time!

cajon time!

its been a week & we couldn’t be happier with our most recent purchase… a CAJON!  it had been on our wishlist for quite some time & this was a deal we couldn’t pass up.  too bad it came at the expense of a pair of new running shoes but we’re sure we can get another few weeks out of the old pair, but we digress…

its adjustable chain & padded seat are quite the bonus! thats what makes it better than the introductory/cheapest/bottom of the line model.  plus the wood on the front is pretty sweet.  judging by the tender state of our hands, we either need to play more to build up better calluses or play differently.  some essentials we learnt from here.  most notably the point on posture.  your back does tend to get sore if you play hunched over for any length of time.

we are still experimenting with styles & sounds.  the cajon offers a wide variety depending on where, how & degree of touch.  its been a hit at every open mic jam we’ve taken it to so far.  we wish we could carry it around with us all the time & bust out grooves with every spare moment.  next purchase, a carrying case that we can use to put the cajon over our shoulder!

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