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July 27, 2014

skaliciousness nite!

General Rudie!

General Rudie!

we had the sublime opportunity to spin some ska this past Friday at the Rivoli.  t’was a dandy nite out & a great bill with General Rudie mounting a massive reunion while staking a heartfelt return to form.  pfft, no rust apparent on these Rudies! our night ended with a cowbellgasm with Frankie Foo at the Legendary Grossman’s Tavern.  The Foo never fail to impress and whoa…. they STILL party til they drop!

frankie foo!

frankie foo!

last but not least, we have always been a huge fan of King Kong Girio’s work.  his latest 4 piece is a slice to behold & they were the sonic treat of the night! we can’t wait to see ’em again soon!

July 27, 2014

Traynor TS-15!

so this is a bass blog more or less but we can’t help but write a quick post about a 76 Traynor TS-15 we scored a few weeks back. we had just traded in our Fender Acoustic 30w amp that we just weren’t using and started to be on the lookout for something with more “character”. we aren’t much of a guitarist but we wanted something to jam/practice with and couldn’t be happier with this amp.  we hope it inspires us to pick up the guitar more often. this is how it sounded as soon as we plugged in for the first time!

2×8’s with a 5/10/15w switch.  going from 10 to 15 is a sonic delight!  we are the 2nd owner & it had been sitting around in a closet for years collecting dust and therefore, is in impeccable shape!  it also has a low input.  this is how it sounded as soon as we plugged in for the first time on the low input. no adjustments needed!

thou both utube selections are overdriven, the amp does have a clean tone as well that we love.  off to play some more!

July 25, 2014

Friday = Ska Day!


a rare dj gig tonite!
doors/tunes/fun/ska starts at 9 sharp!

July 23, 2014

jazz jag!

smells like a jazz!

so we picked up a 2005 MiM Jazz Jag over the weekend.  it came on the cheap cuz the body is a tad rough. we guess at some point the body had some stickers on it.  when they were peeled off, the coating came off with it and the previous owner attempted to repaint. so it feels rough to the forearm. in reality, it looks fine from afar and the neck is super great. & that’s the most important aspect for us.  it plays really funky and gritty.  we dunno if most jazz/jags play that way or if its only this one with its sorted history.  we are tempted to make this into a “project” bass and see if we can tweak the pickups into providing more low end.  it really does play more like a “geetar” than a “bass” at the moment.  there is one sweet spot with both pickups set in a particular way. that should do for the time being.  we think this will be our “gig spare” and we’ll use it for a few songs in the current set that require a more high end funk sound (cuz this bass is great at that) and keep it handy in case something happens to our main bass of the night.  it is set up with a brand new set of D’addario lights & we shouldn’t let those go to waste just yet! 😉

its a looker!