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November 30, 2014

5 song challenge: day 3

loud party!

loud party!

we were challenged to pick 1 track every day for 5 days. tunes that changed our life, influenced us or mean something to us! pretty sure that every one of these 5 songs are songs we could listen to 5 times a day everyday!
the day 3 choice goes to:
5 good reasons – king apparatus
thought for a bit back to the days that got us involved in ska.  so many great bands at the time got us into the genre.  skatterbrains, skaface, roots roundup, hopping penguins… and of course, king apparatus.  hands down the band that started the ska romance that still goes strong.
well, it is the 5 song/day challenge so 5 good reasons for 5 good reasons why we picked this skanadian classic tune.
1. it was off one of the first releases we learnt drums to.  without this, would we have even picked up sticks?  gotten involved with playing music?
2. the answer to the question “who is the artist you’ve seen play the most?”
3. showing up in shorts in the dead of winter to dance our butts off to KA
4. one of the first ska seeds that got us into doing so many many fun ska related things with many fun people.
5. this song kicks
November 29, 2014

5 song challenge: Day 2

we were challenged to pick 1 track every day for 5 days. tunes that changed our life, influenced us or mean something to us! pretty sure that every one of these 5 songs are songs we could listen to 5 times a day everyday!
the day 2 choice goes to:
self serve gas station – the rheostatics
the story goes… we saw the Rheos play as the house band at the Casby’s. they were pretty unremarkable. maybe cause they were out of their element. maybe cuz it was an awkward award show. who knows? fast fwd a few moon cycles, & our buddy is non stop playing the Rheos “Melville” in his Chevy Nova. every trip involves listening to this tape & the tunes start to grow on us. we get convinced to go see them as they start a west tour (really there’s nothing else going on in Tbay so why not?) and the show was HORRIBLE. they were lifeless, listless and just not clickin. was it the epic drive? were a few members sick? were they hung over? who knows. SOMEHOW we get convinced to see them again by our buddy on the return date (heading back East… and again, there’s not much going on in Tbay so why not?) and THEY WERE AMAZING. every note, every song, every moment, a revelation. who was this band? had the road made them click again? was it cause it was the last night of the tour? who knows. since that night, we’ve always been a HUGE fan. thx to our buddy and his persistence for showing me the way to the Rheos and the shows we enjoyed from that moment on. we still go see any of the members play wherever and whenever we can. “self serve” is a great tune that not only speaks to us about working late nights but is one of the best opening songs to a release ever.
November 28, 2014

5 song challenge: Day 1

so we were challenged to pick 1 track every day for 5 days. tunes that changed our life, influenced us or mean something to us! pretty sure that every single one of these 5 songs are songs we could listen to 5 times a day everyday!
the day 1 choice goes to:
have not been the same by slow
dunno where & when we first heard it (likely at CFLR) but its addictiveness, raw emotion and simplicity has stuck with us ever since. it was an immediate earworm & since the song was soooo hard to find, curing that earworm back in the day became a monster of a battle. even hearing it again right now has got it stuck in the ol’ noggin. the fact that this band also didn’t amount to much other than this one song also falls in line with our motto of if “you only do one thing, do it well“. read the YouTube comments for more info on the story of Slow.

November 27, 2014

ska party bender!

the latest Ska Party Radio episode is now up at:

ska party from wednesday nov. 26th 2014
* denotes skanadian artist

tune – artist

soapbox – westbound train
save it for later – the english beat
ska saves – the cheap suits*
white washed blues – chewing on tinfoil
back in 04 – smiling ivy
who’s got it? – ill scarlett*
set it on fire – ill scarlett*
boys will be boys – ordinary boys
little bitch – ordinary boys
breakdown – rancid
natty treble – the ruthless ones*
4 walls – the rifffs MT
facebook famous – llama tsunami
city of the dead – desorden publico
baggy trousers – madness
radio skaweto – the rudimentals
reggae dance – the beatdown*
you’re not the law – dead 60’s
tune in – the talks
radio – the talks
blurred lines – dj twister ska remix
anarchy in the UK – dubmatix*
big love – chris murray combo*
watermelon man – baba brooks
clap clap – max romeo
el pussycat ska – skatallites
get smart – melbourne ska orch.
wound too tight – soul radics
keep it unreal – keziath/dreadsquad
break me down – the skints
paid in full – critical mass
bender – mad bomber society*
November 22, 2014

Ska Party Winter Blast!

whew, its cold but the HOT news is the latest ska party radio show is now up on Mixcloud here!
ska at your leisure!

ALSO TooNice has one of our fave songs up for a free download for the month of November!

Check out R.(e). I. P.  at

ska party 2 playlist – nov 20, 2014
tune – artist
* denotes Skanadian Artist
spider on my bed – scofflaws
offshore – smiling ivy
bang the skillet – go jimmy go
rudies don’t care – rude city riot*
right on time – the dropsteppers
lets go – the beatdown*
fry up – erin bardwell collective
rolling on – cool wise man
hard man fe dead – prince buster
spanish bombs – red soul community
let it go – byron street social
do you really love me? – jr. thomas
sweet dreams – rude boy george
7 nation army – dubmatix*
rub a dub – the skints
snow beast – the expanders
beautiful – hepcat
pick it up – gogo 13
she’s late – the planet smashers*
2 tone attitude – skaface*
hold on – tim armstrong
truth & lies – the prizefighters
your sweet kiss – dr ring ding and kingston rudieska
my cotton candy – kingston rudieska
ce soir -francbatards*
not a number – random hand
calgary – labcats*
rash behaviour – the kubricks
party gone wrong – smiley & the underclass
peculiar – the slackers
iron bar – lord tanamo!
carry go bring come – justin hinds
water – the indecision
dummy – liberator
brain on tap – the pandemics
spy vs spy – the kingpins*
eastern leo – blue beat players
true and big love – 2 tone club
November 19, 2014

Ska Party FINALLY Returns!

ska party ol logo

YEAH! Ska Party Radio is back!  We are sooooo proud to announce that we have started weekly shows with our friends at Radioaktiv.  We couldn’t have found a better home for our passion.  AND now we can finally tell ppl at shows that Ska Party lives again! Here’s our first playlist from last week and the first of many to come.  We are having a blast so hopefully that spirit translates thru the airwaves to u! Our next show is Thursday evening (Nov. 20th) around 7p EST.  Tune in HERE & msg us while we do the show & most importantly…. dance!

you can listen to this episode here!

tune – artist

* denotes skanadian artist

ska party – one*
home – cartoon violence
bullets to the ground – planet_smashers*
touch and go – the rifffs MT
home – chris murray*
oil in my lamp – monty morris
heatseize down blunsdon hill – erin bardwell collective
the happy times – erin bardwell collective
fool struttin – cool wise man
u can’t dance – mad bomber society*
R.(e)I.P. – TooNice*
you’re wondering now – the values
rankin full stop – english beat
johnny come home – dr ring ding & kingston rudieska
love me or die – the indecision
shot by both sides – bluekilla
henchmen – random hand
healthy body – op ivy
you never know – the beatdown*
jack kerouac – the brass action*
rude boy – francbatards* 
captured city – the autocratics
heartless – king apparatus*
raggamuffin MC – will tun and the wasters
2 tone monster – umbrella bed
dancing with the fat mans lady – dr ring ding ska vaganza
the code of silence – jfk and the conspirators* 
monkey see monkey do – sonic boom six
showdown – dubmatix*
rub a dub on the road – roots roundup*
fraudulent – the drastics
cool ska – blue beat players
bagarre – 65 mines st
boogie stop shuffle – tokyo ska paradise orchestra