5 song challenge: Day 1

so we were challenged to pick 1 track every day for 5 days. tunes that changed our life, influenced us or mean something to us! pretty sure that every single one of these 5 songs are songs we could listen to 5 times a day everyday!
the day 1 choice goes to:
have not been the same by slow
dunno where & when we first heard it (likely at CFLR) but its addictiveness, raw emotion and simplicity has stuck with us ever since. it was an immediate earworm & since the song was soooo hard to find, curing that earworm back in the day became a monster of a battle. even hearing it again right now has got it stuck in the ol’ noggin. the fact that this band also didn’t amount to much other than this one song also falls in line with our motto of if “you only do one thing, do it well“. read the YouTube comments for more info on the story of Slow.



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