5 song challenge: Day 2

we were challenged to pick 1 track every day for 5 days. tunes that changed our life, influenced us or mean something to us! pretty sure that every one of these 5 songs are songs we could listen to 5 times a day everyday!
the day 2 choice goes to:
self serve gas station – the rheostatics
the story goes… we saw the Rheos play as the house band at the Casby’s. they were pretty unremarkable. maybe cause they were out of their element. maybe cuz it was an awkward award show. who knows? fast fwd a few moon cycles, & our buddy is non stop playing the Rheos “Melville” in his Chevy Nova. every trip involves listening to this tape & the tunes start to grow on us. we get convinced to go see them as they start a west tour (really there’s nothing else going on in Tbay so why not?) and the show was HORRIBLE. they were lifeless, listless and just not clickin. was it the epic drive? were a few members sick? were they hung over? who knows. SOMEHOW we get convinced to see them again by our buddy on the return date (heading back East… and again, there’s not much going on in Tbay so why not?) and THEY WERE AMAZING. every note, every song, every moment, a revelation. who was this band? had the road made them click again? was it cause it was the last night of the tour? who knows. since that night, we’ve always been a HUGE fan. thx to our buddy and his persistence for showing me the way to the Rheos and the shows we enjoyed from that moment on. we still go see any of the members play wherever and whenever we can. “self serve” is a great tune that not only speaks to us about working late nights but is one of the best opening songs to a release ever.

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