5 song challenge: day 3

loud party!

loud party!

we were challenged to pick 1 track every day for 5 days. tunes that changed our life, influenced us or mean something to us! pretty sure that every one of these 5 songs are songs we could listen to 5 times a day everyday!
the day 3 choice goes to:
5 good reasons – king apparatus
thought for a bit back to the days that got us involved in ska.  so many great bands at the time got us into the genre.  skatterbrains, skaface, roots roundup, hopping penguins… and of course, king apparatus.  hands down the band that started the ska romance that still goes strong.
well, it is the 5 song/day challenge so 5 good reasons for 5 good reasons why we picked this skanadian classic tune.
1. it was off one of the first releases we learnt drums to.  without this, would we have even picked up sticks?  gotten involved with playing music?
2. the answer to the question “who is the artist you’ve seen play the most?”
3. showing up in shorts in the dead of winter to dance our butts off to KA
4. one of the first ska seeds that got us into doing so many many fun ska related things with many fun people.
5. this song kicks

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