Mondays are SKASOME now!

we can barely recall back when Mondays were the horrible start to the work week thanks to SKA PARTY!  enjoy the latest skalicious show that aired on CKLU 96.7FM AND Radio Laurier on Monday, March 16 2015!

Ska Party Playlist
Monday, March 16th, 2015
tune – artist
*denotes skanadian
  • don’t go away – rude city riot*
  • offshore – smiling ivy
  • hard to restrain – seaside villains*
  • friends & business – the skints
  • sweet dreams – rude boy george
  • boss pressure – the upsessions
  • kick the bucket – the harmonauts*
  • countryman fiddle – the aggrolites
  • veggie bill – high top society*
  • twist the knife – maddie ruthless
  • hamburger meat – the defekters
  • sometimes – skaface*
  • sonia – the brooklyn attractors
  • my obsession – the planet smashers*

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