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April 28, 2015

ska party FM week of April 20th

well, honestly we were really hung over when we recorded this episode of Ska Party FM (thanks to skipapaloozaV).  hence not much chit chat and much longer tunes than the usual but still we had a blast!  check out the show as it aired on these fine FM stations:

Ska Party Playlist for the week of April 20th, 2015
tune – artist
*denotes skanadian
eastern leo – blue beat players
hotter reggae – the bullets
are u reggae now? – champions inc
happy hour – the barrymores*
2 tone town – the cheap suits*
bullets to the ground – the planet smashers*
you can’t dance – mad bomber society*
reip – TooNice*
horska – gypsophillia*
nafas – zeb
spanish bombs – red soul community
doors of your heart – the english beat
simmer down – the abruptors
007 (shanty town) – desmond dekker
April 20, 2015

ska party FM show for the week of April 13th!

another week of skaliciousness has flown by!  we just uploaded a very special “skipapalooza” version of ska party that aired on these fine FM stations:

Ska Party Playlist for the week of April 13th, 2015

tune – artist
*denotes skanadian

ska saves – the cheap suits*
one thousand bullets – duppies
don’t worry – the abrupters
bakken land – the pepitones
paulo friere ska – the snails (feat: dave hillyard & king django)
rocksteady and roll – the snails
house of fun – madness
vegetable – rocky mountain rebel music*
nothing to see here – the brass action*
ce soir – francbatards*
manon viens danser le ska – the kingpins*
angry at the girl – king kong girio*
get smart – melbourne ska orchestra
fascination (keep feeling) – rude boy george
she don’t like reggae music – seaside villains*

April 13, 2015

Ska Party FM week of April 6th

Last week’s skalicious FM show is now up!

as heard on these fine FM stations:
tune – artist
*denotes skanadian
like a king – dilip & the davs
feel no pain – king apparatus*
take it from the top – the planet smashers*
people do the rocksteady – the bodysnatchers
bicycle – monkey
bike – matt foy*
on my bike – roots roundup*
wise wizard – high top society*
god backwards – adams mind*
rescue me – ill scarlett*
walkin proud – the beatdown*
sharpest thorn – the sidewalk doctors
this is my time – erin bardwell collective
bootboy of odd man out – the autocratics
fly on the wall – the bionic rats
watch yourself – the screw ups
its all good in the hood – freshly cut*
ska zirkus – barefoot basement
April 10, 2015

RAUG April 9 Podskast!

our latest podskast is now up for your listening pleasure at yer leisure! we chat about adding vinyl to the show AND why we don’t chat anymore over instrumentals!  contains some new, new 2 us, 2 tone and 3rd wave grooves!

ska party podskast playlist – April 9, 2015
as heard LIVE on
tune – artist
*denotes skanadian artist

me and my maxwell house – subb*
storm rider – tspo
put your guns down – OSS
si tu no easta – big javy & los tenampa
the exorcist – dr ring ding skavaganza
malva rosa – el gran miercoles
blood red metalflake – reigning monarchs
peter gunn theme – los elefantes
the one sided order – autocratics
de quoi tu m’accuses? – two tone club
this i know – chainska brassika
there’s something – crazy baldhead
do the mango – the liquidizer
you walked away – erin bardwell collective
sweet tea – the pepitones
embarrassment – madness
ranking full stop (version) – english beat
party at ground zero – fishbone
yellin in my ear – op ivy
this is the new sound – the interrupters
DSR are in town – dirty soul riders
wanty & getty – branlarians
the bridge – stand high patrol
N.N. reggae – dubside RMS
treat me so cruel – sidewalk doctors
hooked on 45’s – bionic rats
pendulum – the toasters
paul getty – the scofflaws
esta noche – lets go bowling

April 6, 2015

Ska Party FM show for the week of March 30th, 2015

here’s last wk’s skalicious FM show! now available to listen anytime!

we air weekly on these fine stations:

Ska Party FM playlist for the week of March 30th, 2015
* denotes skanadian artist

can’t stop – dr. ring ding skavaganza
come to you – the skints
keep it simple (live) – the slackers
rudies all around – hepcat
iron bar – los elefantes
no siendo mas uno – los elefantes
spy vs spy – the kingpins*
how the mighty have fallen – los furios*
ghostbustah – TooNice*
top of the world – mad bomber society*
london calling – dubmatix*
best friend – the english beat
don’t believe the hype – ed rome
birth right – everybody left*
king of the hill – bigtopp
true and mighty – reigning monarchs

April 5, 2015

Easter Bunny gifted us a bonus Ska Party show!


instead of chocolate eggs, we found a web exclusive, skalicious SKA PARTY show this morning! thx Easter Bunny! hop to it & listen anytime!

Ska Party Playlist “Easter Bunny Special”
tune – artist
*denotes skanadian
radio – the talks
concrete jungle – the specials
let it go – one night band*
the epic – monkey 
gimmie nuff ska – dr ring ding skavaganza
riot radio – dead 60’s
big love – chris murray combo*
uncle gordie – the planet smashers* 
everybody’s looking – the sidewalk doctors
bike – matt foy*
jenny drinks – the interrrupters
pink cloud – random order*
lie awake – the screw ups
change and innovation – the autocratics
rollback – the faceplants* 
ska zirkus – barefoot basement
April 3, 2015

RAUG podskast April 2nd!

back from the DL to play a skalicious episode of Ska Party on RAUG!

ska party playlist – April 2, 2015
as heard LIVE on
tune – artist
*denotes skanadian artist

over the river – justin hinds
watermelon man – baba brooks
when i call your name – stranger and patsy
peaucha – antwerp gypsy ska orch
california – big javy & los tenampa
democracy in the modern age – autocratics
special man of imitation – autocratics
black lincoln – matt foy*
mr big shot – dr ring ding skavaganza
2 wrongs – dr ring ding skavaganza
the curse – monkey
bad neighbor – monkey
shoe shine man – moon hop
lost in the supermarket – wrongtom meets rockers
one more time – the clash
skinhead ballad – the bankrobbers
the good the bad and the barefoot – barefoot basement
7 syndicater – G7 ska jazz band
shake your legs – the one droppers
agree – upsettemians
pass me one more – the penguins
give the people what they need – ruder than you
iron sharpening iron – the expanders
wanderlusting – the skinny*
somebody has stolen my girl – the bluebeaters
early in the morning – bigtopp
murder – selecter
manners knees up – bad manners
eyes in the back of my head – the skints
top 5 – lo and the magnetics*
wish that it would stop – umbrella bad
malva rosa – el grand meircoles

April 1, 2015

Ska Party meets the Sleeping Giant!

This just in… Great start to April for Ska Party!  Wooohooo! For more station info, visit