all skanadian edition of Ska Party FM!

we did a 100% all skanadian episode of the show in light of it being Canadian Music Week.  many moons ago, a show with this theme would be a bit of a stretch.  nowadays there is so much great canuck (or would that be Skanuck?) ska out there we could have done a 3 hour show easily! lovin’ it!

Ska Party FM Playlist for the week of May 11th, 2015
tune – artist
*denotes skanadian
roadtrip – general rudie*
sea of sound – roots roundup*
one and the same – the mean threes*
moonlite – brass action*
red stripe – los furos*
right the wrong – the fabulous lolo meets king king girio*
every day every day – seaside villains*
skafari – skavenjah*
why oh – the steadies*
long road – the beatdown*
black lincoln – matt foy*
surfin’ in tofino – the planet smashers*
global citizen – the cardboard crowns*
that static – ruthless ones*
you can’t dance – mad bomber society*

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