Smokers Live in Montreal ’97


so we found this poster the other day.  it reminded us that we needed to get our butt in gear and do something with a video we’ve had lying around for ages. so we’ve spent the better part of the last day (or actually our computer has.. much to the skagrin of other fabulous tings that needed to be done via computer) uploading 3 parts of a Smokers concert we taped back in 1997.  its rough since we wanted to compile all the video into a edited video for one song but as time became an issue, it never happened. such a great evening that we are absolutely delighted to finally post! ENJOY!

The Smokers were:

Josh Fuhrman – Tenor Sax and Vox

Matt Foy – Guitar and Vox

Bryan McNally – Bass

Blair McNally – Trombone

Chris Gorman – Drums


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