Tonight on Radio Hootenanny on Primal!

we kick out the jams with the next edition of Radio Hootenanny on Primal Radio tonight!
tune in on Primal Radio LIVE Tuesdays 9p GMT/UK time, 4pm ET
& then again 9p ET, 2am GMT/UK time.
here’s whats on tap!
tune – artist
* denotes Canadian
rise – Public Image Ltd
permanent sunlight – no devotion
wait any longer – balthazar
she’ll cut you down – michael rault*
the question – melodyhead
we lost everything – the dears*
onward and downward – the dears*
heavy wave – motorama
slow down – duotang*
my head hurts – wavves
your low – DMA’s
any sense of time – the inbreds*
1-10 – the bulletproof bomb
love or money – high tides*
get outta dodge – huevos rancheros*
sexe aquarium – iceberg*
strange addiction – spooky
colony collapse disorder – matt foy*
(mont)real rockers – skinny bros*
one more time – the clash
polen – memino tuati
turn your face away – the water walk*
ppp – whiskey chief*
do the jay jay – two wounded birds
rag n bones – nomeansno*
D in 3 – the river jones
kreuzberg – wozniak

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