“time” for the Ska Party FM show for the week of Oct 19th!

SKA PARTY FM from the week of Oct 19th is now posted! “Time” is the theme so you can listen anyTIME at the link above.  Here’s what made the show:

(track – artist * denotes Skanadian artist)

  • welcome to the boss – 65 mines st
  • have the time – slackers
  • the time has come – heavensbee
  • serious time – mungo’s hi-fi
  • waste your time – duppies
  • just do your time – the fabulous lolo & king kong girio*
  • angels time – me, mom and morgentaler*
  • red is danger – western standard time ska orch
  • how many times – owen and leon
  • last time – the sensations
  • this is my time – erin bardwell collective
  • rudies don’t care – rude city riot*
  • so much the better – the hoodwinks*
  • for the last time – chris murray combo*
  • brown stew fish – stafford, urani, newman, bernard and leroy

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