Ska Party Faves of 2015

what got our heart racing? our feet jumping? kept us grooving in the darkest moments?  made us bop til we dropped?
here’s our SKA PARTY top 5 FAVES of 2015!

♫ Music Is The Girl I Love by Gentleman’s Dub Club

this song is a monster!  an anthem!  kept us company on all those days and nights while on tour and on the road to gigs each and every spare and waking moment. why do we play sooooo much? this tune is number 1 with a bullet. no need to explain any more. just listen and enjoy & kudos to the GDC for treating us to it.  you can now pick up the entire album at:


this was also a road favourite. listened to it everyday while on tour. so inspiring and never boring. never dull. its just simple, honest, earthy ska and reggae vibes from start to finish. its a ska/reggae mixed tape all in one. if you could only buy one ska release this year, this is it.

♫ My Favourite Heart To Break by The Fabulous Lolo Meets King Kong Girio
King Kong Girio brings together some of the best musicians in the Canadian ska scene to break our musical hearts with this solid sonic treat. sometimes chilling, sometimes hot, sometimes high and sometimes low. its an emotional roller coaster ride that you will want to take again and again.

♫ Elephant Riddim by St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review
slick and sick. the Review brings class, style and endless energy to the ska-jazz world that floors the listener while you pick it up on the dancefloor. we fell in love with this from the very first listen. simply fantastic!

♫ A Big Band Tribute To The Skatalites Volume II by Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra
big band ska seldom gets done AND gets the attention to detail that WSTSO brings to the table. an all star lineup and an all star setlist. eat it up and let your ears fill up on the BIG sound that WOWS.


Honourable Mentions:
The People Hold the Power by Dub Trinity
FM by The Skints
Big Shot by Soul Radics
Hustling Culture by the Expanders
Bingo Bongo by Dr. Ring Ding Ska-vaganza

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