Radio Hootenanny Faves of 2015


Radio Hootenanny Faves of 2015

we aren’t BIG on “top whatever # ” lists OR ranking things in order of preference. how can you say one is better than the other? especially when dealing with differing musical genres. how can you compare an apple to a pizza? a steak to a piece of bread? chocolate cake to a carrot?

so with that in mind, here are 10 releases that got some Radio Hootenanny airtime in 2015. these never left our near vicinity during our daily lives and waking moments. each one essential in our books. enjoy at your leisure!

♫ Who Cares? – Don’t You(,) Mean People?

instrumentals that warp the time space continuum when you need it

♫ The Anachronist’s Cookbook – Will Tun and the Wasters

a never ending thoughtful party that never fails to get us off our romp & change our mood

♫ Loose Ends – Bet Smith featuring The Currie Brothers

we’ve had every single song on this stuck in our head at one point in time or another

♫ Volume vs Voice – Chris Page

no matter what the mood, this always fits. you can cook to it, have morning coffee with it, prep to go out to party with it, drive …

♫ The New Way Out – The Doped Up Dollies

DANGER: the beauty here is that this is highly addicitve with contagious lyrics and top notch grooves without being overly complicated

♫ Faded Gloryville – Lindi Ortega

her voice can make the hair on our neck stand up, blow us away and then she gets us to do a jig

♫ The Agent Intellect – Protomartyr

from the first listen, it was WOW, we could listen to this all day. and so we did. nuff said

♫ Sore – Dilly Dally

angst driven rock in a familiar yet new way = an essential ingredient to make every day perfect

♫ Shadow of the Sun – Moon Duo

a thoroughly enjoyable ride with HUGE peaks and sonic expanses

♫ Disco EP – Windigo

unpretentious noodlin’ good times


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