ska party end of June 2016


Ska Party FM playlist for the week of June 27, 2016
tune – artist
*denotes skanadian
shut your mouth – the ska-vengers
lon chaney – western standard time ska orchestra
christine keeler – interskalactic
for the goal – tokyo ska paradise orchestra
kenshin – sound one*
got soul – dirty sol*
dodge that bullet – the baudelaires*
some day – the abruptors
won’t tell the truth – the fabulous lolo meets king kong girio*
tailspin – dope soda*
make it right – the fuss
rude waves theme – los rude waves
lazy susan – count bobo
come on eileen dub – phoenix city all stars

airing on these fine and dandy stations:
♫ Mondays the show airs 3-4pm ET on CKLU 96.7FM in Sudbury, ON
♫ Mondays the show airs 8-9pm ET on Hunters Bay Radio 88.7 FM in Huntsville & Muskoka ON
♫ Tuesdays the show airs 11am-Noon ET on CILU – LU Radio 102.7FM in Thunder Bay, ON
♫ Wednesdays the show 5-6 pm MT on CKXU 88.3 FM in Lethbridge, AB
♫ Wednesdays the show airs 3-4pm PT on CJUC 92.5FM in Whitehorse, Yukon
♫ Thursdays the show airs 8-9am AT on Local 107.3FM in Saint John, NB
♫ Thursdays the show airs 7-8pm AT on Caper Radio in Sydney, NS
♫ Fridays the show airs 8-9pm PT on Racketeer Radio

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