Review: Atte by Matt Foy


Atte – Matt Foy

I imagine going for a long walk with this as the soundtrack. Past the people too immersed in themselves to notice the world. Past the folks who live in an alternate reality. Then past the hectic, careless busy bodies that litter the streets and into the beauty of the great void beyond while listening to this.  I’d call this the soundtrack to a soundtrek.
Is it dark? Brooding? Mmmm, perhaps… if you were someone tilted in that direction.  But I like to think there is also an aura of hope here.  Perhaps its the overall fullness of sound coming from Atte that makes us think that way.  It attracts us, keeps our attention and then keeps us coming back for more. The whole sonic spectrum is well represented. Booming lows and high peaks make for a delightful ride even if its short and sweet. We don’t mind it being direct and to the point because its ON POINT. Never a dull moment & there is much to entertain your ears.  
Our initial fave track was Dead in Denmark with its addictive wall of sound approach. Its a great wake up song with its driving beat. Just imagine being hit with a refreshing ocean wave on a hot day but sonically! Plus its a definite earworm that lasts for days. Then we couldn’t get enough of the retro vibe feel of Proto Pop. The sixties rock feel starts with the shaker and just takes off from there. I’ve always felt there were words just about to be said but we’ve listened over and over & we are always left to make our own.  Perhaps that is the point but I still can’t help the feeling that they were just on the tip of our tongue. Its a fun mental game to keep replaying.  Its also a tune that reminds us of occasions where you should have said something but those things were left unsaid. But that is just us. You can take away something completely different from it and that would be totally cool too. Nowadays, we find ourselves fixated to Scooterboy. There’s just something to the swing feel and almost bass-keys-from-a-piano-like guitar sound that leaves a lasting impression.  Can’t stop humming that addictive riff.
Atte is always interesting everytime we visit and we visit often.  Pick up a copy and you too can enjoy your own soundtrek and just let it take you away…

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