Radio Hootenanny August 2016 Roundup!


“hears” all our Radio Hootenanny shows via Mixcloud with playlists for the entire month of August 2016!  Listen anytime!

set me off – union duke*
hardwood floor – pretty archie*
swingdown – the stormalongs*
state of oblivion – the dark rags
i’ll keep running over – mellvins
zooma hey – the huaraches*
she divines water – camper van beethoven
white riot – cracker
white man in hammersmith palais – jesse wagner
janie jones – chris murray*
garageland – the clash
barely knew her – wares*
wealth in the country – jenny berkel*
bed of bones – the lad mags*
i don’t wanna fall in love – fascinations grand chorus
velvet – the ballantynes*
hateful – the ballantynes*
empty ways – switches*
anirak – freeks*
written on the body – windmills*
bury me – actors*
mute swan – half/wozniak
visions – morningface
the echo – biko
wicked games – we are wolves*
high power – kasady*
wax – the alpacas*
saturator – throw down bones
are you safe? – strange collective
let it grow – actors*
cruelty – greys*
flowers in my eyes – adrian teacher & the subs*
don’t mess with beez – the smugglers*
race with the devil – king beez*
visions – the beverleys*
going back – river groves*
quebec ave – dorval*
bruxism – television rd*
old news – hayley carro*
straight shooter – reigning sound
stay hungry – talking heads
young people – the pooh sticks
the message – duotang*
slow down – duotang*
ceremony – babbling april
help – weaves*
whirlwind – a shoreline dream
one tree island – high road pilots*
tungsten fields – thin blue line*
the big bubble and my bendy bones – don’t you(,) mean people?*
never see you again – the mightabins*
stunner – dogbreath
vanish – the nailheads*
attack – the franceens
who stole your drugs? – the pomps
koka kola – the clash
victory smokes – big brother*
this is a high – the tone
me, fireman & lion – the doped up dollies
i repeat myself – duchess says
ice cream – dilly dally*
do you really want me – dogbreath
smash it up – the split lips*
do it now – stfu
she was happy – the seed coat
from the corner of your eye – plume moth orchestra*
lovesong – dialogue from a silent film
paralyzed – MAD
perpetual dawn – the orb
around this town – grand analog*
alkaline girl – jim the boss
spanish bombs – red soul community
do it for you – the golden dogs*
mercury – charlotte cornfield*
can’t say goodbye – hayley carro*
fox run – high road pilots*
weird waves – minotaurs*
kings and queens – king sub
good thing going on – jukebox 101
you were mine – the ballantynes*
howl – the archiacs*
the plain moon – the besnard lakes*
human – 50 foot wave
marching in time – chewing on tinfoil
the talk – the menzingers
vacation – the gogo’s
sunshine in the shade – the fixx
fossil hunter – the split lips*
put it in a line – the split lips*
flavour: zombie – expanda fuzz*
protocol – the twentiest*
lifting fingers – the statues*
alternative ulster – stiff little fingers
summer band – thee speaking canaries
wasted – strange collective
rise of the shadow people – king beez*
when i met you – the lizardz
your love – slamboni*
the boise summer – the adjustments
paper hat – wozniak
some of us – big brother*
4 horsemen – the clash
pretend we’re dead – L7
dead quote olympics – the hives
cans of love – the smugglers*
baby blue – freeman dre & the kitchen party*
lone wolf – bet smith and the currie bros*
love is all you bleed – morningface
10:15 saturday night – arirang
in between days – scene noir*
slug night – no joy
the way out – holy monitor
the lone rooster – the orange kyte*
you can sleep on top of anything – kitty kat fan club

Radio Hootenanny airs on these fine and dandy stations:

♫ Caper Radio Sydney, NS

Time slot: Tuesdays 8-10p AT plus a weekend repeat


♫ CKLU 96.7FM Sudbury

Time slot: Thursdays 11am – 1pm ET plus various repeats.


♫ CILU 102.7FM Thunder Bay

Time slot: Thursdays 2-4p ET plus various repeats


♫ Primal Radio LIVE at

Time slot: Thursdays 9p BST/UK time and 9p ET same day repeat!

Tune in from ANYWHERE!


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