Ska Party November 2016 Wrap!


Here’s all the Ska Party radio shows from November 2016 in one handy post!  Listen and dance anytime!  For a list of the stations and FM air times for the show, click here!

tune – artist
*denotes Canadian

Ska Party pre party FM Playlist 
for the week of November 1, 2016
king bannatyne – sweaty palms*
the wanderers – the responsables*
charlie don’t lie – bluetown rumble
jackie wilson said – phoenix city all stars
the debt – el grande
drummers delight – the sentries*
go – the defekters
johnny come home – dr. ring ding & kingston rudieska
golden – dope soda*
family – tasman jude*
better way – green room rockers
get up – the delirians
three on the floor – skinny bros*
Ska Party FM Playlist 
for the week of November 1, 2016
body bag – los furios*
austerity skank – pama international
leaving – susan cadogan
career opportunities – king django
you’re not the law – the dead 60’s
wanna play – mabachacagas*
the crow – spirit of the wildfire*
black hole sun – skampida
poison – the contenders
seeing red – taco bandits*
don’t be giving it all that – the bionic rats
wasted city – skaface*
pauline – the tone
starman – baked a la ska
Ska Party pre party FM Playlist 
for the week of November 7, 2016
mary – the beatdown*
break the rules – the beatdown*
21st century hypocrite – the kings seattle
whats on your mind? – random order*
the forest for the trees – the skints
artificial life – save ferris
old king cole – the georgetown orbits
walk and talk – – jfk and the conspirators*
feed my girl – the slackers
michael and anne – chris murray combo*
tear us apart – the talks
boys will be boys – the ordinary boys
grabbed my hand – new town kings
rasta stopped no one – the expanders
pretty girl – the duppies
we are one –*
Ska Party FM Playlist 
for the week of November 7, 2016
esta noche – lets go bowling
john james – toots and the maytals
penny reel – eric morris
ram di dance – dr ring ding & the senior all stars
mary celeste – the skanksters*
come back darlin’ – the liquidaires*
hotline bling – the holophonics*
please stop your lyin’ – the sentiments
too old to party – the classy wrecks*
the ecstacy of gold – vinny savage and the wild side*
autographing cheques – the trojans
balalaika stomp – camper van beethoven
trouble (to trouble) – the fuss
king of the jungle – the kingpins*
take me back – susan cadogan*
back to the playground – king kong girio*
blind – the planet smashers*
Ska Party pre party FM Playlist 
for the week of November 14, 2016
my decision – the planet smashers*
too much attitude – the planet smashers*
one chance – distorted garden*
freeze up – operation ivy
white noise – the interrupters
mad – operation offbeat
dragon snout – flying vipers
drummonds knife – the cabrians
bongo tango – sound one*
doop – st petersburg ska jazz review
hey girl – banana peel slippers
celebrity – skata tones
my truth – jstar
kingston blues – rhythm express*
new day rudie – the bionic rats
party of one – lo and the magnetics*
Ska Party FM Playlist 
for the week of November 14, 2016
caress my soul – the quentins
shake man – lollypop lorry
reggae time – smooth beans
gun action – aidid and friends
poppys back in town – k-man and the 45’s*
action – the johnstones*
gettin’ paid – the johnstones*
surfin’ in tofino – the planet smashers*
glossy cabbage men – the carriers
optimism – behind deadlines
first i look at the purse – steadfast united
between two headphones – the phonosonics*
light it up – luceo*
in water we trust – asklutura
tomorrow – the skints
Ska Party pre party FM Playlist 
for the week of November 21, 2016
9 days – dilip n the davs
baby’s getting busted – mad bombers society*
take it from the top – the planet smashers*
hold me down – king apparatus*
j’veux pas savoir – les happycuriens*
the beginning is here – outernational
counterstep – basskateers meet sticky joe
water – the indecision
break me down – the skints
coffee kush – flying vipers
zorostafari – witness
shake your bump – the cabrians
Ska Party FM Playlist 
for the week of November 21, 2016
tangerine drive – backyard superheroes
mix up girl – the baudelaires*
baby don’t come back – the baudelaires*
holiday to the moon – skata tones
how did we get there – the roberts creek saloon*
voy volando – the upsttemians
bringing me down – little mister
are you ready? – aidid and friends
controller – the responsables*
paren el tren – smooth beans
sliver – little roy
wanna play – mabachacagas*
every time – the screw ups

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