Radio Hootenanny November wrap


Here’s all the Radio Hootenanny shows from November 2016 in one handy post!  Lend us an ear anytime!  For a list of the stations and FM air times for the show, click here!

tune – artist
*denotes Canadian

Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 1
November 10, 2016
octopus shoes – the orange kyte*
downstream – coconut cluster
rehearsed lines – bella mare
waiting – slowly*
spit hood – the betrayers*
camino infernal/phantom weight – dos santos anti-beat orchestra
crown – ranges
straight song – hether
moment – shepherds
marble moon – pretty lightning
emigrant – amphibian man
Bill de hydro – menoncle jason*
i love everyone – eddy blake*
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 2
November 10, 2016
in your eyes – banks
shaved head – the rheostatics*
fool – black river killers*
one more – weaves*
chances – party lights
moneypenny – the zorgs*
time out – slamboni*
its true – outtacontroller*
you want more – king of foxes*
when you cut – moon duo
stay – the ballantynes*
as i recall – the james clarke institute*
fit the part – the wall
train – beef jerk
personal weekend – partner*
safety instructions – frau
you’ve got what you want – the bolos
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 1
November 17, 2016
street surfin’ – best fiends*
another love song – best fiends*
gotta thing for you – catl*
estimate of the situation – the beyonderers
the hearse – the cavaleros*
whirl – soft kill
lisbon – andrew velvet*
the optic nerve – tom furse
numb – jeff appleton
the loop – bloodhounds on my trail
keep me waiting – charlie doesn’t surf
beer for breakfast – the replacements
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 2
November 17, 2016
record player – josh turnbull*
ice cream – kid papichi
push truck – sleaze
stupid people – the royal air force
cool confusion – the clash
lonesome tonight – the morelings
dead souls – kasady*
slump (rink a dink) – pseudo*
words are the hardest part – no heroes allowed*
ESP – dead coast
bow low – pretty lightning
burn like fire – sonic avenues*
hey doctor – pow wows*
booze can – the smugglers*
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 1
November 24, 2016
fire – operation offbeat
banana – the maras*
insanity girl – the electric lazarus
ten sleep – the wedding present
ice cold – pachyderm
papiertiger – pachyderm*
crimewave – port juvee*
miles and miles – the state of shapes*
live and learn – johnny nocash*
scorpion sting – the shimmer effect
gold – andrew velvet*
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 2
November 24, 2016
holes on the dancefloor – daniel land
beyond its reach – familiars*
automatic animals – beige*
keep growing – camp cope
drive – mere woman
call it love – images in vogue*
no love lost – joy division
the perfect kiss – new order
grenadier pond – high tor*
stack o lee – frankie and jimmy*
theme – best fiends*
birth of cometa – the beyonderers
climbing ladders – dilip parekh

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