Radio Hootenanny December 2016 Wrap


Here’s all the Radio Hootenanny shows from a very hectic December 2016 in one handy post!  Lend us an ear anytime!  For a list of the all stations and FM air times for the show, click here!

tune – artist
*denotes Canadian
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 1
December 1, 2016
frozen lakes – the vernes
dangerous – matt steele*
sometimes i wonder – the electric lazarus
exit left – slowly*
parade – the golden dgos*
claire – the rheostatics*
froodian slips ahoy – tc folkpunk*
beach master – otto man
drive them beasts hard – the terrorsurfs
drive by – bande do los apaches
surf will tear us apart – los cataclismos
love will tear apart – jah divsion
protection dub – dubmatix*
i want to believe – black market
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 2
December 1, 2016
ignore – girl meets bear*
eighteen minutes – twin oaks
stay – the state of shapes*
its your glo, UFO – expanda fuzz*
natural expressions – hideous towns
thieves like us – new order
dreams – port juvee*
i’m beside you – soft kill
sink – bloodhounds on my trail
this is your way out – sonic avenues*
defector – black mountain*
spirit shadows – the autumn stones*
transmission – joy division
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 1
December 8, 2016
tunnel – wolfhound
prime time – outtacontroller*
don’t feel like dancing – beach fox*
through my fingers – steve adamyk band*
frosty the snowman – eddy blake*
perfect crime – the getaway sticks*
teenage runaway – the sedatives*
anything i want you to – rich seibert
just like leningrad – the orange kyte*
ashes – starrsha
raygun – the morels
closer – danxia
smile – tonemirror*
echoes and empty rooms – the high dials*
une etrange affaire – andrew velvet*
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 2
December 8, 2016
fall back asleep – heavy sigh
out of reach – john girgus and the legendary house cats
canadian girl – the vernes
responsible man – matt steele*
i wanna put my tears back in – ancient shapes*
justice robin camp – the shiverettes*
i like girls – mother’s children*
just like yesterday – justine never knew the rules
new born – sound of sputnik featuring ummagma
virus – the avulsions*
voices – pink frost
if i ever – orchin
victory square – adrian teacher and the subs*
lets shake – teenage head*
PRIMAL Radio Hootenanny Year End special (aired only on Primal Radio)
December 15, 2016
bright and early – soft wounds*
supermoon – tonemirror*
gentle slopes – mumrunner
christine – citrus clouds
shambhala is on fire – cult of dom keller
in these eyes – manon meurt
indifferentiator – indoor voices*
fadeaway – hellens
film school – scene noir*
dark narrows – lights that change
the return – golden fable
interstellar car crash – magic shoppe
international caveman – the orange kyte*
down – fazer
mute swan – half/wozniak
estranged – dyr fazer
i wanna be adored – i am the mountain
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 1
December 15, 2016
tell me to fall – steve adamyk band*
j.o.y. – the maras*
chain reaction – best fiends*
sugar hands – the bolos
i’m an ape – the nation blue
solid gold – the backhomes*
love rat – betrayers*
get with me – napalpom*
teen stash – yeah bud!!!*
it could’ve been love – the flintettes*
daddy long legs – the dandelion
rock n’ roll friend – patsy’s rats
growing – fascinations grand chorus
ride – double date with death*
parasite – gammage*
mavericks – the 427’s*
the clean and the dirty – the polymorphines*
make your mind – mother’s children*
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 2
December 15, 2016
summer haze – copper crown*
kingpin – get married
fizzy orange – the orange kyte*
look you in the eye – ayla brook*
the miles – brother grimm*
ingenue emeritus – tc folkpunk*
about a girl – the city gates*
in bloom – slowly*
hit to the head – the actors*
asking for some more – mowukis
gym birds – pope
the work – grievances*
warm rain – danxia
rock the casbah – black market
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 1
December 22, 2016
bring a knife to a dance fight – luau or die*
luau! – the smugglers*
pontiac sunfire – the gnarly ones*
sweet home chicago – frankie & jimmy*
fun fun – the sir john A macdonalds*
foghuffer – the huaraches*
hey – the frantic five
things she does to me – the gruesomes*
are you EEEvil? – the band from planet X*
oma luau – beige*
all in this together, right? – bully bones
the battle of the corporation fields – hillbilly troupe and les dobbs
xray style – joe strummer and the mescaleros
gates of the west – the clash
radio clash – the clash
500 up – sloan*
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 2
December 22, 2016
commanche – the lost patrol*
rattler – the bolos
mirrors – the subterranean satellite band*
xyz – tonemirror*
runners of the world – familiars*
we don’t sleep – absence of ocean
from the basement – justine never knew the rules
dislocated minute – danxia
frida kahlo – the city view
straight to hell – the getaway sticks*
matchbook – the ballantynes*
in the land of the real – we are wolves*

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