Ska Party December 2016 Wrap!


Here’s all the Ska Party radio shows from a very hectic December 2016 in one handy post!  Listen and dance anytime! Plenty of SKA LA LA LA in the shows as well! For a list of all the stations and FM air times for the show, click here!

tune – artist
*denotes Canadian
Ska Party FM Playlist 
for the week of December 19, 2016
this house – the sentiments
the best of me – susan cadogan*
jackin’ mitto – crazy baldhead
the sunday song – the miserable man
by my side – the interrupters
my suburban life – green division*
its all good – luceo*
irish goodbye – the pomps
catch 22 – the dub righters
desierto circular – los rude waves
the good, the bad and the ugly – the scofflaws
rudy don’t smoke – kman and the 45’s*
rudies don’t care – rude city riot*
old friend – the brass action*
rudie after hours – the baudelaires*
brixton cat – rico and the rudies
madness – prince buster
Ska Party FM Playlist 
for the week of December 12, 2016
jingle bell rock – the holophonics
winter wonderland – the toasters
i want a hippopotamus for christmas – gayla peevey
old toy trains – king kong girio*
christmas spirit of 69 – north pole united
white christmas – staylefish*
harmonica for christmas – baked a la ska
follow that ska – baked a la ska
ding dong bell – the ethiopians
merry christmas, baby – go jimmy go
christmas – the chinkees
outnumbered – the brass action*
favourite thing – the elixxxirs*
quarter to seven – subb*
i don’t know – the kingpins*
stupid place to be – the skanxters
who’s afraid of the dark – the skanxsters
homesick – flying racoon suit
too late – the fundamentals*
Ska Party pre party FM Playlist 
for the week of December 12, 2016
space thriller – k-man & the 45’s*
sounds like – the taco bandits*
bigger things – tommy mccook
sweet song for my baby – phil pratt & ken boothe
money girl – larry marshall
man cool man – erin bardwell collective
fire stone – erin bardwell collective
rock skipping – chronicles dub trio*
shades of the same colour – chris murray*
sin drops in – warless*
take a stance – the human rights*
fire alarm – jim the boss
right awful proof – show me island
santa claus is coming to town – the slackers
Ska Party FM Playlist 
for the week of December 5, 2016
parasites – flying raccoon suits
respawnsibilities – spawn
johnny thumbs – kman and the 45’s*
i tame the tiger – sound one*
shark attack time – sound one*
wasn’t it – the roberts creek saloon*
hard life, hard drugs – the cabrians
solo quiero – the upsttemians
ska royale – the copasectics
thick or thin – dilip n the davs
i saw mommy kissing santa claus – the bluebeaters
santa claus is ska-ing to town – granville williams orchestra
you don’t know – the sentiments
hush up – king konqueror*
Ska Party pre party FM Playlist 
for the week of December 5, 2016
horsemouth – the baudelaires*
world’s fair – western standard time ska orchestra
sunday morning smile – the heavy beat
only for you – chris murray combo*
down the road – tim timebomb
red sky – the hoovers
say something – the bionic rats
hey brother (do unto others) – the frightnrs
save me – feeling the one drop*
austerity skank – pama international
propaganda – the slackers
leave me alone – the classy wrecks*
the brighter eye – leo and lineup
blazing fire – derrick morgan
clap clap – max romeo
record shop – dub trinity*

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