Radio Hootenanny Faves of 2016 Special!


2017 was HOOTARIFFIC!  Thanks for lending an ear and all the support!  “HEARS” our Faves of 2016 show.  Listen anytime below!

tune – artist
*denotes Canadian
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 1
January 5, 2017
comin to getcha – audio visceral*
beach party – the mightabins*
moneypenny – the zorgs*
bed of bones – the lad mags*
black solitaire – rue bella*
don’t let go – the savilles*
smash it up – the split lips*
mama today – matt steele*
stick with me – bet smith & the currie brothers*
i love everyone – eddy blake*
where were you –  pretty archie*
bizarre love triangle – give em hell boys*
its your glow, UFO – expanda fuzz*
forgetting the sound of my mind – sonic avenue*
he said, she said – beard springsteen*
quebec ave – dorval*
Radio Hootenanny FM – hr 2
January 5, 2017
bury me – actors*
film school – scene noir*
les singes – meter bridge*
lit up – girl meets bear*
one more – weaves*
another love song – best fiends*
pity party – kasady*
drag me – tonemirror*
nudge – slowly*
maddening ride – the city gates*
dope 86 – the orange kyte*
monica’s harmonica – the james clark institute*
day to night – the drop ups*
rubbernecker – the noolands*

Radio Hootenanny airs on these fine and dandy stations:

♫ CKMS 100.3FM in Waterloo, ON

Time slot: Thursdays 10am – noon ET


♫ CKLU 96.7FM Sudbury

Time slot: Thursdays 11am – 1pm ET plus various repeats.


♫ CILU 102.7FM Thunder Bay

Time slot: Thursdays 2-4p ET plus various repeats


♫ Caper Radio CJBU 107.3 FM Sydney, NS

Time slot: Tuesdays 8-10p AT plus a weekend repeat



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