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July 24, 2012

a cab for all seasons?

the new/used ’74 ampeg 4×10!

our last posted hinted at our frustration with not having an appropriate cab to go with our little mark head.  its been a simmering source of annoyance that last weekends shows brought to the forefront again.  we’ve been browsing the used market for quite awhile looking for a good deal and pricing out the market.  we made one last ditch effort on Monday to go to our local music shop to see what they had available.  funny thing was once we mentioned that we were on a “budget”, we got zero service.  that made our decision to go “used” an easy one!

the smell test

we spent 15 minutes putting this unmarked Ampeg 4×10 thru its paces.  the previous owner said the owner prior to him made the custom look and had added handles to the cab but essentially it was Ampeg.  he had never opened it though.  he had used it for a few recordings/jams but never gigged it.  it performed great and we found it to be a good match with our head.  there were quite a few tonal sweet spots.  funny thing was that on our way home with it, we noticed a strange odour.  musty maybe?  it had been in a basement for 2.5 yrs.  the dogs were all over it asap once we got it thru the door.  we decided there&then to take the thing apart, see what was inside gear wise and make sure nothing had died in it.

opening the back!

after quite a few screws and gently pulling the back out, we got in!

the 4 10’s

one of the four 10’s

not bad!  a few spider webs and nothing dead in it!  we let it air out and gave it a few febreze sessions.

a name & date inside!

much to our surprise we found a name and a date inside!  how cool is that?

so we added our own name!

and maybe one day some1 else will open it and say how cool is that!

powerline tweeter!

we put it back together and we’ll put it thru some paces this week.  a midweek jam and an outdoor show(again) are on tap this week.  hopefully the odour is gone4good.  its a bit of an awkward shape for one person to carry but it doesn’t weigh a ton(bonus!).  we think the shape enhances the sound so we can live with that.  stay tuned for an update. more news at 11.

and perhaps this is what it’ll end up being used for!  though we do hope its a cab for all seasons!

June 2, 2012

heavy thoughts on a bass cab decision!

currently VERY torn between getting:

an Acoustic 4×10 cab


an Ashdown 2×12.

both meet our needs for more umph and meet the requirements of our Little Mark II head. the Acoustic is cheaper by a fair bit but is used. the Ashdown looks sweeter and is brand new. about $150 is the price difference.

either way, ultimately we`d love to get a 1×15 to go with the Acoustic and a 2×10 to go with the Ashdown.

the Acoustic would help us out greatly in the short term. the Ashdown may prove to be a sounder long term investment. both are HEAVY!

ah, decisions. decisions…


May 31, 2012

finally some bass TLC

we dunno if it was the change in weather or “whether” it was finally just the wear and tear on our 2 main basses BUT mid month they both went out of whack and need some TLC. actually the SG needed a setup in March but we’ve been “making due” with her when she was needed. but once we gigged with our Epi EB-3 mid May and it went out of whack too we knew then and there a trip to the bass doctor was in order.

now we thought about trying it ourselves but we aren’t just quite that confident yet in our own abilities and its been the first time these 2 basses have needed any work in over 2 years (first time for both as far as we know). then next question was where to take them…. we had been to steve’s music before to get our first ever bass done (music man ray 34) but that was just because we had bought it there. after some research, we decided to go with whom we know and let them do the deed.

much to our shock, they were due to be in the shop for a week. we thought it might be an overnight thing. still no biggie, we had no gigs for 10 days anywho. they called us back within 6 days to say they were ready and when we showed up, both techs that worked on them were there and answered all our questions and then some.

we got flat wounds put on both so both start to feel the same to us. we’ve used the SG at a gig already and it has settled quite nicely. we couldn’t be happier with the sound and feel it has now. with the EB-3, we’ve only practiced with it once. it feels like a new bass (which being the older of the 2 is great!) and its great to have her back in the fold.

all in all, a great experience with Steve’s and the new setups on the basses. well worth the 45 bux on each and the results only makes us want to play them more!

now onto finding a deal on a bass cab… we have needs!


waiting for the bus with new again basses & much needed java!


August 26, 2011

bassmorgasborg II

before we get to the bass, as we’ve stated previously we are keeping up with are drumming on a every other day basis.  we think its a good to keep tabs on the ol’ kit and tricks just in case and to help keep that sense of what its like going.  anyways, the other day we responded to an online request for a drummer to come out to a casual jam and play along to some songs by the Clash.  well, being that the Clash are our fave band of all time, this was a no brainer for us and we wholeheartly took up the challenge.  we blasted thru 15 or so songs in 2.5 hrs and at least 60% of those would have been stage ready IMHO.  it was crazy good and met all our expectations!  plans are to have another go at some songs in sept.  can’t wait!

peggy's buddy!

we scored a bass cab the other day.  15″ that can handle 300w easily.  its pretty darn big and weighs about 60 lbs but the price was right and its not like we’ll be using it at every gig.  the plans are to use it mainly for outdoor shows.  we took the grill off as it was rattling and then took the Fender logo off that since the look of logo wasn’t that retro.  the rattle was the grill hitting the edges of the speaker so we added some weather stripping to the points where the 2 were touching and put the grill back on.  it bows out a bit but sounds great now and thats what matters.  we plan on taking the direct out of peggy the amp and feeding that into a PA amp(thats all we have for a head right now… ah, the search for a bass head is ON!) and enhancing the low end signal that way.  we plan to debut it next weekend at one of our outdoor gigs.

peggy's buddy with the grill on!

finally an update on our pedal situation.  we were not using our EHX bass big muff as much as we woulda liked and our BBE sonic stomp was always in use but we never quite 100% happy with what it was doing to our sound.  so we’ve been casually searching for a replacement for both and we think we found it with a Catlinbread SFT.   it not only add some variable grit to our sound but also is quite nice at allowing us to tweak our tones.  we took it out to our gig last weekend.  we had only really spent about 30 mins with the pedal to make sure it worked and sounded ok.  it took about a set to get used to her sensitivity(it responds to how hard or soft u play!) and once we locked in a setting that was right for the sweet reggae vibe it was perfect the entire night!  any pedal that inspires you and makes u anxious to get back to playing again just so you can hear it HAS TO BE GOOD! its also likely that her sensitive side will make us a better bassist in the future.  here’s a pic of the august pboard set up.  looking at the pic makes us think that less is more. the sft is a good step fwd in usefullness and quality so we can’t wait to enjoy it more!

august pedalboard!