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January 29, 2013

2sday show announcements!

happy. stoked. elated. when it rains, it pours show announcements!

first off, the mtn dukes return to Eton House for a night on Friday, March 1st.  new songs will be in the spotlight as we inch along to a 40 song setlist. this poster nicely sums up what happened last visit!

mtn dukes return!

and the BIG NEWS is that skipapalooza 3 has been finalized!  this year we are taking the party from Newmarket (where our old band was based) and into the epicentre of entertainment, Queen St. West in Toronto!  thx to The Sister for stepping up to the plate to host the hootenanny.  we’ve had the pleasure of playing there a few times but none since the renos.  lookin’ forward to 2 sets from the mtn dukes & then dancing the night away with celtic stylin’s of The Saints Are Coming!  more posts on skipapalooza as the date nears.  just today it feels great to have the event locked down & now we can just prep the fun stuff like… tunes!


July 13, 2012

green apple beer!


one of our fave summer bevvys! a nice cross between a beer and a cider that never fails to refresh. much like a wild berry that only is around for a wee bit, they only seem to be stocked at the liquor stores during the summer. must remember in late August to stockpile some!

July 7, 2012

pugnacious pale ale!


from grand river brewing. its been awhile since we had a pale ale. this 1 has a really nice bite to it and twas quite non offensive. at 500ml, its the perfect size and brew for when u have 30 mins for “just 1 beer”. lovely hoppy bottom third.

December 12, 2011

chillaxin with food, brews & tunes!

so we just wrapped up a wee vacay in the orlando area. we got to try some new bevvys and some new munchies!

here’s some interesting tidbits:

woodpecker cider was 2 sweet to finish the entire 6 pack. ’twas nice to try 1 bottle but 6 was too much for 1 night.  wouldn’t buy it again.

we found bass strings for sale in the bestbuy!  just a crazy notion we know.  lots of cheap instruments but  no basses.

we enjoyed our first Mississippi mud beer! porter&pilsner combined! quite tasty!  so tasty that we downed another with no ill effects! here’s a review.

chessiest line from a finnegans bar performer:  ” oh you are from town, “xxx”! isn’t that where they named the town after the water tower?” and  BIG sized portions of everything.  crazy!

morning star veggie corn dogs were the cats meow!  since going veggietarian we never ever thought we’d see the day again when we would have a corn dog!

this was by far the best thing we ate the entire vacay.  smelt great cooking and tasted even better!  pizza and burgs together!  omg, salivating just typing this….  mmmmmmm!

last but not least, these crackers were the tastiest of tasty snacks!

thx for the good times and sunshine orlando!  hope to see u soon!


October 15, 2011

Mollys Debut Tonite!

ah, the finish line or starting line is in sight, depending on your point of view.  we’ve been busy learning 30 new songs on the bass these past 2.5 weeks in prep for tonite’s debut with Mollys Chamber.  crazy times indeed.  we know we will likely make a few mistakes or miss a few notes tonite despite our best efforts. but we’ll be putting our best foot forward and of course having so much fun doing it!

it been interesting having to put the pedal to the metal to see how much and how fast we can learn songs.  how some parts are hard to learn and memorize while others are easy.  how our brain works in these types of situations and how we can become a better bassist moving fwd.  after every session and jam though we’ve been left with the thought that this setlist is awesome and we’re so glad to be covering the low end on these wikked tunes!

expect a show review soon with some gear news too.  in the meantime, come out tonite or drop by the Mollys Chamber website for more info about the band and future shows!

August 22, 2011


wow,  crazy times.  we wish there were more hrs in a day but alas we meet again blog with so much of interest on our plate.

a recent summer evening gig at a private party with Those Handsome Hooligans was sweet.  not only was the pool and fire pit on prime display but we had a great time playing tunes in a laid back atmosphere and we led a wee open mic thang happen as well.  we brought peggy the amp out and she stood up to the outdoor test.  perhaps it was because we put here near a huge bolder to let the rear sound reverberate or perhaps she just loves to rawk!

the next day was an acoustic duo set with the lead singer of TooNice.  interesting just the 2 of us playing with no percussion and very little in the way of back up vox from yours truly.  a well attended store opening that responded well to the low key reggae vibe!

and now we get to the big part… we’ve gotten on the iphone bandwagon.  let just say that there are a slew of new gizmos that come out and they are here and gone in a matter of winks but we can forsee the iphone being one of those items that has legs, can have some amazing staying power and is well worth the investment.  in the last week alone, we’ve more easily been able to facebook, tweet, email and share photos in ways and speed we never could have imagined a few wks ago.  for instance, TooNice played a reggae fest this past saturday and we posted soundcheck photos of us and by the time our set was done, fans had  already commented on them. then we were able to tweet our progress from the festival to our night gig in newmarket.  we are now huge fans of the device and we’ve only just begun.  our next post will be done via iphone just to say we could do it and did it.  theres more more news but til then….  here’s a soundcheck pic from the iphone!

TooNice soundchecks in the rain at Reggae Muskoka 2011!

August 6, 2011

peggy part 2

so we took peggy apart the other day:

we gather that if u understand electronics this makes sense.  we could barely make heads or tails out of it.  basically we checked to make sure nothing looked cracked or broken or wasn’t connected.  after poking and proding, we nervously put her back together with the hope that she’d be better but the issues still remain.  we’ll have to bring her in to see whassup.

as for her trial replacement, we got the traynor dynabass 200 for the weekend.  our first gig was last night and she was just ok.  we need 400w and not 200.  though our bandmates liked this amp as it was a improvement over peggy’s current state it was still not up to snuff for our liking.  the one highlight for us during the evening was we did get the darn thing to feedback when we wanted it to.  sounded so sweet to our ears and something peggy’s never done.  regardless of our amp trial and tweaking the entire night, the show at the wild moose near haliburton was an historic fun filled evening and we can’t wait to return!  playing their grand opening was an absolute honour!  the view of the lake and the sun setting was worth every km to get there.  good times and even better ppl.  one huge lesson we learnt though for the next time we play a muskoka evening show outdoors in the summer, bring bug spray!

toonice at the wild moose grand opening!

June 6, 2011

Hooligans Au Go Go!

no time for bloggin much as we’ve been hard at work with both bands trying out new material.  we are about to embark on what looks like will be a summer filled with shows all over the map!  the posts will come fast and furious once that starts so check back often.

u always remember your first night together and while Those Handsome Hooligans have been road tested at an open mic and 2 sets at Skipapalooza, this Friday in Mississauga will be the first night on our own!  no sideshows or just being a bit player…  this night is all hooligans, all night!  come down and enjoy a pint with us on this memorable occassion!  3 sets of fun rockin tunes that are sure to impress!  9:30 – close

ps: This Friday’s Those Handsome Hooligans Night at Fionn MacCools! is now even more epic with game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals included free of charge!!

April 27, 2011

Strummer Nights 2011

Forget summer nights in Hamilton, Strummer nights are way better!

We were lucky enough to experience 2 straight nights of Joe Strummer songs at This Ain’t Hollywood this past weekend.  Great crowds (the first night was capacity packed, second one almost) and a way better experience than having to live thru an evening of Gorillaz or Big Audio Dynamite to get your 2011 Clash fix.  It was so good we already can’t wait for the next version on Good Friday and Easter Saturday of 2012.  There wasn’t a bad act amongst the lineup with a heap of supergroups, one-offs, reunions and special guests appearing.  Folk, Punk, Celtic, Rock, Reggae, Rockabilly, Thrash genres and everything in-between were all covered.  Personal highlight had to be seeing the Letdowns (ex-Wetspots) play.  Ah, so many good shows they’ve had and all the memories just came flooding back the moment they hit the stage!  Our fave song, Straight to Hell got a sweet treatment and hearing Burning Lights from the soundtrack of I Hired a Contract Killer was fantastic!  Top marks for The Saints Are Coming for bringing a great Celtic twist to some songs that we wish the video we took did more justice.

and speaking of video, this event got us thinking about investing in a better camera to take videos of live music with since our current setup is hit and miss. its just an everyday digital camera and not meant for live music.  ahhhh, there’s always a reason for more gear!

Here’s some pics and some of the best of the video evidence.  Visit our youtube site for all the vizness. More videos still being added as we post this.  Thanks for the memories Strummer Night #9, we’ll see u again for 10!

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April 16, 2011

Thinking about joining on online gym!

TGIF & ready 2 party!

Last nights show at On Cue Billiards was a great hoot!  the crowd was appreciative and we played a huge amount of Reggae!  we took and played  ppl’s requests which was a great feeling and the atmosphere was top-notch.  tankhouse was on tap though it was empty.  can’t wait to play there again soon!

on a personal note, we forgot one of our essential gear bags at home.  we didn’t realize this until we got to the venue.  luckily enough TooNice had spare patch cords so we could still play (though our movement was somewhat restricted) but the bigger issue was we didn’t have our cheat notes for some of the lesser known material.  ack!  what a stresser that was but alas we endured because we had to.  a few missed notes but a good time all around and forgetting the bag could have been a blessin in disguise.  could this be the end of cheat notes as we know it?  only time will tell.  there’s another show tonight!  time to rest up and join that online gym!