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December 21, 2010

Presenting….. Early Presents!

some early presents came in…omg, the surprise!

fender vs d'addario time!

first came a pack of medium light long scale (code 9050ML) Fender Flatwounds.  already using the ECB81 D’addario regular light gauge on the MusicMan bass.  sometime in the near future, will change over the EB3 to the Fender Flats for a comparison and also future review here. the back of the pack says they “offer warm, rich tones with reduced finger noise and long life“.  can’t wait to give them a go!

also, as we were shopping for someone else, we came across this hilarious book that we JUST could NOT pick up as a gift to ourselves:

the couch potato bass workout

only cracked it open and have yet to do any of the exercises but lookin’ fwd to it!  somehow, this book and its title just seemed like a good fit and  also the cheap price made it irresistible.  stay tuned….