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March 11, 2021

hootenanny radio mid March 2021 menu

February 3, 2021

hootenanny radio early February 2021 menu

January 28, 2021

Hootenanny Radio end of January 2021 menu

December 28, 2020

Hootenanny Radio menu Late December 2020

Our menu.

Starts airing Monday December 28th on CKLU 96.7 FM in Sudbury and worldwide!

January 17, 2019

ska party mid January 2019 menu

Click “ska party radio” above for air times!

features ♫ from the likes of:
The Breachers
derrick morgan & Los Granadians (Official)
Dr. Ring Ding meets SKA BEAT CITY
The Classy Wrecks
the bombasts
gangster politics
The King Kong 4
bailey’s car
The Kingpins – SKA
Kingston All Stars
Rude Boy George
the pacers
Cartoon Violence

January 9, 2019

Radio Hootenanny early January 2019 menu

Click “radio hootenanny” above for air times!

features ♫ from the likes of:
Scene Noir
The Slow Drags
Andy and The Dannys
Bigfoot Portal Crisis
David Stone Music
Raine Hamilton
A Year Of Fridays
Eddy Blake
The Luckies
The Ballantynes
Paul Jacobs
The Mightabins
The Noolands

December 19, 2018

Ska Party end of December 2018 menu

Click “ska party radio” above for air times!

features ♫ from the likes of:
Lollypop Lorry
King Django
The Fuss
Roots Roundup
The Sentries
The Georgetown Orbits
Beautiful Sabotage
Fink’s Constant
The Opskamatrists
The Classy Wrecks
janet kumah
The Dendrites
The Sidewalk Doctors

November 22, 2018

radio hootenanny end of November 2018 menu

rh end of nov 2018 pic

Our Radio Hootenanny menu that starts airing Thursday November 22nd & beyond is ready!
Tune in deats above by clicking “radio hootenanny”.
features ♫ from the likes of:
THE 905s
King Creep
The Try Umphs
The Thinly Veiled Double Entendres
BBQ Pope
Hooded Fang
Mad Ones
The Mightabins
Copper Crown
the murphys
The 427’s (sorry we missed u in the pic!)
Alex Brown and The Hepcats
Buzz Deluxe


February 22, 2018

radio hootenanny late February 2018 menu

radio hootenanny late feb 2018 pic

December 13, 2017

radio hootenanny mid December 2017


a brand new episode of Radio Hootenanny has been shipped in time for Thursday December 14th and beyond!

includes ♫ from the likes of:

The Cure
Curelight Wounds
Lazy Legs
Soft Wounds
Scene Noir
Vague Notion
The City View
rec centre
The Sends
The Huaraches
Real Sickies.
Pure Pressure
The Mendozaz
Kensington Hillbillys
Running From Daylight
Fade Awaays
fleetwood mac sauce
fine wine
The Inbreds
les thugs
the noodles
garlic frog diet
shaky stars

usual air times:

♫ CKLU 96.7FM Sudbury Regular Timeslot: Thursday Mornings 11am – 1pm ET plus various repeats throughout the week.

♫ CILU 102.7FM Thunder Bay Regular Timeslot: Thursdays 2-4p ET plus various repeats throughout the week.

♫ Caper Radio Sydney, NS Regular Timeslot: Tuesdays 8-10pm AT plus a weekend repeat.

♫ Bombshell Radio Regular Time Slot: Thursdays 3 – 5pm ET plus repeats