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February 26, 2018

Skaface in the Hammer!


♫ Friday March 2nd! yours truly spinning the skatmosphere in Hamilton with Skaface and The Baudelaires on the bill! FB event: Skaface in the Hammer!

June 15, 2017

skipthedj Early Summer 2017 sked

our 2017 early summer sked is ready! (current as of today)

Saturday June 24 – bass with Tungsten (Cow & Sow, Fenelon Falls)
Friday June 30 – bass with Frankie Foo (Grossman’s Tavern, Toronto) + dj
Friday July 7 – drums with The Mightabins (Junction City Music Hall, Toronto)
Saturday July 8 – bass with Tungsten (Beaverton Bar & Grill, Beaverton)
Friday July 14 – drums with The Mightabins (the Foxx, Barrie)
Saturday July 15 – drums with The Mightabins (This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton) + dj
Monday July 24 – drums with The Mightabins (Monarch Tavern, Toronto)
Friday July 28 – bass with Frankie Foo (Grossman’s Tavern, Toronto) + dj
Saturday July 29 – bass with Tungsten (The Moose, Lindsay)

visit here for more info via FB about Tungsten
visit here for more info via FB about The Mightabins
visit here for more info via FB about Frankie Foo and The Yoyo Smugglers


hope to see YOU soon!

January 27, 2013

Saints and the Dancefloor!

The Saints are Coming!

The Saints are Coming!

taking a night off work & a 2 hr journey partially thru a snowstorm was all worth the while to witness one of our fave bands, THE SAINTS ARE COMING CD release show in the Hammer.  not often we get out for a night on the town that doesn’t involve us playing the show as well soooo we made the most of it!  we did manage to get a few pics in & take a video of the opening before we hit the dancefloor.  the sound was great, the band was the tightest we’d ever seen (even with some extra players in the mix) and despite the early 830p start, the dancefloor filled! our most heartfelt congrats go to out to a great band for not only a funstastic party that night but a super cd too! CANNOT wait for the next hootenanny we can get to!

April 22, 2012

strummernite 2012!

we were lucky enuff to have one day free on Easter weekend to check out strummernite 2012 in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood.

we were the DD that night so celebration lubrication was a nonfactor.  last yr we were able to make 2 nights of the yearly tribute to all things Joe Strummer and enjoy ourselves to the fullest extent.  this year unfortunately was not quite the same but we did enjoy the night all the same… if that makes any sense?  there were a lot of familiar artists back onstage but that didn’t matter much.  hearing all those songs live is a sonic treat to the our ears that doesn’t happen nearly enuff.

we posted all the pics we took with on our flickr site  The Letdowns were once again a hilite.  our deepest sincerest thx go out to the organizers for putting this stellar event on and we look fwd to another next yr!  til then enjoy this cheapy video we took of Career Opp!

March 28, 2012

the only band that matters

The Clash were a major influence on my own music. They were the best rock ‘n’ roll band. Thanks, Joe.”
– Bruce Springsteen

this pic of a painting was recently sent to us from our “paul” that plays in our bi-monthly all clash jam sessions. its a great take on one of our fave music images of all time.
sooooo looking fwd to strummer nites on Easter weekend in the Hammer! hoping to be there for at least one of the 3 nights & if we can swing 2 nights, we will!
here’s a quick & dirty list of items we played during our last all clash jam session:

bits of/or discussed : i fought the law, death or glory, i’m so bored with the USA, spanish bombs, i’m not down

note 2 self: lets effort to get the all clash jams bumped up to monthly ones! its far to long to wait between sessions!

January 4, 2012

The Saints Conquer the Shoe!

one of our fave bands of 2011 has got to be Hamilton’s The Saints Are Coming. they do celtic covers and covers in a celtic way. its just way too good for our ears to put into words. not only do they look impressive onstage with so many members but they SOUND impressive as well. each member carries themselves to the highest quality and standards at each performance. the choice songs and energy are off the charts! u add all that up and its a show not to be missed! we only wish we could see them more often. a short one hour set at nu music night the Horseshoe Toronto has only left us wanting more. hurry up and get here as quick as possible st. paddy’s day!

there are also some vids posted at our youtube site for your listening pleasure. twas the first show we took vids with the iphone so xcuse the learning curve. iphone needs a zoom but i guess that is why we still need cameras.

July 20, 2011

Canada Day Week Recap

TooNice Covers!

ya, so its a tad late but we’ve been busy.  giggin the week of Canada Day with TooNice was off the charts.  it started with what was supposed to be a laid back nite at the Boardwalk Pub in Toronto.  it was a wednesday and our first visit there but little did we know that teachers would be packing the place.  school had just been let out for summer and they all wanted to PARTY! a great 3 hrs of almost non-stop roots reggae was the cure for what ales them indeed!  too bad we had to stop around 1130 as we were playing the patio and for most of the world, the next day was a work day…

the very next morning we got up early to be on Rogers TV Barrie to promote ourselves and the upcoming Barrie New Music Fest.  that was a first for us, playing bass on TV!  it was fun of course and somehow we got conned into doing most of the talking during the interview.  though to the interviewers credit, he managed to get the others involved as well.  a few short hours after that, it was off to Hamilton for an awesome gig with the Saints Are Coming!  wow, we love that band!  we had never been to the Casbah b4 but had heard many stories of it.  its status in Cdn touring culture is epic.   after playing many small gigs since mid-may it was great to hear our bass in a huge room at a huge volume.  we were in bass heaven!  our hour long set was worth every drop of sweat. as for the Saints Are Coming, we couldn’t resist the dancefloor!  their infectious take on celtic-inspired numbers takes the cake!  can’t wait to play with them and/or see them again soon!  great atmosphere at the Casbah and fingers crossed for a hasty return.

the very next day was Canada Day and we’re back the Boardwalk Pub for a few afternoon sets.   we know from history that canada day at woodbine beach is a hot ticket but the shear volume of ppl was beyond even our expectations.  playing the only beach venue to literally thousands of ppl in and outside the venue was worth every second of negotiating the crowds to get there.  perfect weather and perfect tunes.  was so impressed by the Responsables .  they played a few sets as well and tore it up!  great times and after an afternoon of sun and heat, it was time for rest and relaxation on the friday evening.

the last gig of the week was a super casual, low key acoustic gig at the Sheesha Lounge in Toronto.  this place on Bloor has food and drink(non-alcoholic) but its main focus is tea smoking thru huge bongs!  needless to say, the vibe was pretty chill.  we played 3 hours to an appreciative crowd and looking back, it was the perfect ending to a hectic week of shows.

as for our bass playing… prior to the set of shows we had set a manta of: “no mistakes will be repeated“.  and they weren’t!  we’ve come to the realization that we will always make some mistakes in our live bass playing.  exactly what they will be is the surprise!  we come to the gigs as prepared as possible but we can never predict what can happen onstage.  another fun aspect that we hadn’t thought of encountering when we started.  onwards and upwards!

April 27, 2011

Strummer Nights 2011

Forget summer nights in Hamilton, Strummer nights are way better!

We were lucky enough to experience 2 straight nights of Joe Strummer songs at This Ain’t Hollywood this past weekend.  Great crowds (the first night was capacity packed, second one almost) and a way better experience than having to live thru an evening of Gorillaz or Big Audio Dynamite to get your 2011 Clash fix.  It was so good we already can’t wait for the next version on Good Friday and Easter Saturday of 2012.  There wasn’t a bad act amongst the lineup with a heap of supergroups, one-offs, reunions and special guests appearing.  Folk, Punk, Celtic, Rock, Reggae, Rockabilly, Thrash genres and everything in-between were all covered.  Personal highlight had to be seeing the Letdowns (ex-Wetspots) play.  Ah, so many good shows they’ve had and all the memories just came flooding back the moment they hit the stage!  Our fave song, Straight to Hell got a sweet treatment and hearing Burning Lights from the soundtrack of I Hired a Contract Killer was fantastic!  Top marks for The Saints Are Coming for bringing a great Celtic twist to some songs that we wish the video we took did more justice.

and speaking of video, this event got us thinking about investing in a better camera to take videos of live music with since our current setup is hit and miss. its just an everyday digital camera and not meant for live music.  ahhhh, there’s always a reason for more gear!

Here’s some pics and some of the best of the video evidence.  Visit our youtube site for all the vizness. More videos still being added as we post this.  Thanks for the memories Strummer Night #9, we’ll see u again for 10!

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April 21, 2011

Review: Pixies Hamilton

so many Pixies songs goin’ thru the ol noggin today.  its a good place to be.  2 pixies shows in 3 days was a fantastic experience.  we’ve included a video of Where is My Mind, our fave part of “I Bleed” and some pics from the show at the bottom of this post.  we loved mondays show in Toronto and Hamilton was equally great but for different reasons.

Mondays toronto show had great seats in a great legendary venue with a capacity crowd.  It was a sight to behold and the band blew us away that night.  Wednesday night was a different setting with similar results.  General admission floor standing in a big rectangular convention centre made for a more relaxed and intimate setting.  we guess it wasn’t at capacity as there was plenty of space to walk about but it didn’t matter to the band.  the crowd was into it and the show quickly turned into another sweet Pixies lovefest.

Monday night we really got the artistry of the visuals behind the band but at the hamilton show its was difficult to focus in on the backdrop.  Which was really the only big difference between the shows.  We stationed ourselves near the soundman for the best sonic experience and the view from there was as good as anywhere.  we did venutre up close for a few songs so we could get some different and perhaps better pics.  we also tried to get some gear shots at the end of the show. tear down was way quick so we didn’t have much time before being told to leave.

Joey’s guitar sounded so good all night and actually Frank’s voice was more sharp and clearer too.  both were noticeablely better than the previous show.  another thought we had during the performance was about how frank and kim’s voices compliment each other so well.  you wouldn’t think they would but they really do.  yet another of many reasons why the Pixies are a sonic delight.

last set on Monday was: Velouria, Planet of Sound, Gigantic, Where’s my Mind

last set on Wednesday was:  Bone Machine, Caribou, Where’s My Mind, Gigantic

there was no “winterlong” on wednesday which made us thankful we’d seen the monday show.  love that tune but it was a great treat to hear caribou as it was one of our early Pixies faves and still is.  we can live with that trade off.  the final bonus to the hamilton show was we actually found the merch table this time around and picked up some sweet merch!

thanks for the shows and memories!   an experience we will never forget.

now off to Stummerfest and hopefully some blogs about that early next week.  stay tuned.

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